Kevin Federline’s Lawyer Quips Back At Britney Spears’ Recent Claims That Ex Refused To Visit Her While She Was Pregnant

Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline has responded to her recent claims that he refused to see Britney while she was pregnant with their child.

Kevin’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has since publicly spoken out against Britney’s claim.

Kevin Federline’s Lawyer Quips Back At Britney Spears’ Recent Claims That Ex Refused To Visit Her While She Was Pregnant
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In an exclusive video obtained by TMZ, Kaplan began: “There were some things put out on the internet today by Britney.” The camera operator clarified, “Saying that [Kevin] didn’t wanna see her while she was pregnant?” to which Kaplan responded, “Yeah.”

“So here’s the deal,” Kaplan said. “Kevin has supported Britney in her pursuit of freedom from the conservatorship. He will not support her in her pursuit of freedom from fact.”

Kaplan went on to say Britney’s claim was “completely erroneous” and “the opposite of what was true.”

“That story about Kevin in Las Vegas and Britney is completely erroneous, and he’s not going to stand by and let that story besmirch what he did and his support of her back in the day,” he said.

The TMZ spokesperson questioned, “And she was claiming that he was mean to her while she was pregnant?”

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“The fact that she was claiming that Kevin had nothing to do with her and the kids is completely the opposite of what was true,” Kaplan replied.

“She knows that,” he added, before warning that “she should be very careful about pursuing a dialogue that’s based on revisionist history.”

Kaplan went on to speak of Kevin’s involvement in Britney and their children’s lives just ahead of the divorce. “I remember at the time, right before the divorce, [Kevin] was pursuing for keeping him from knowing where the babies were,” he said.

Kaplan also clarified that his dismissal of Britney’s claim had nothing to do with her and Sam’s current relationship, noting that “she’s got her right to pursue her life with Mr. Asghari and Kevin has no intent to interfere with that.”

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“But when she starts talking about the way things were when Jayden and Preston were infants that’s completely fabricated. Kevin is not going to let that stand by and let that be the portrayal of fact,” he said.

“Kevin’s not gonna pursue any legal action against her,” he said. “Kevin will pursue setting the record straight, and Kevin has factual history on his side — she doesn’t.”

“All he demands from her is that before she starts portraying what is allegedly the history that occurred back when they were married, back when they were separating — that she bases it on something that resembles the reality,” he continued.

“What she posted on the internet today has no similarity to reality [and] has nothing to do with the fact,” he added. “She would be foolish to try to challenge him on that.”

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