Khloe Kardashian Gets Asked If She Misses Her Old Face – She Gives the Perfect Response

With the exception of the rare clap-back, Khloe Kardashian doesn’t always have time for the rude and ill-mannered comments she gets on social media. On Wednesday, she took some time to respond to such comments – it might’ve been a one-word response, but that’s all she needed in order to make her point. 

It started when Khloe posted an Instagram video of one of her workouts – which she perfectly explained step-by-step so others can give it a try. While many users were supportive in the comments section, there were also a lot of unnecessary comments from users who only wanted to troll the 38-year-old socialite. 

“Do you miss your old face?” the user asked in the comments – referring to her facial transformation over the years. Amid the nearly 200 comments from users sticking up for Khloe was a comment posted by herself. “No,” she wrote – simple and to the point. Her response has been applauded by many of her fans.

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“omg love this reply ???????????? people need to mind their business,” wrote another user in reply to the rude comment. Others called Khloe Kardashian a ‘queen’ for her reply, let her know how ‘beautiful’ she is in her current skin, and even called her ‘funny’ for clapping back at the user in such a nonchalant manner. 

Instagram User Asks Khloe Kardashian If She Misses Her Old Face – She Gives the Perfect Response
via Instagram (@khloekardashian)

The user ended up commenting a second time. “not jealous just wondering if one can feel lost looking at their reflection one day and not be able to recognize themselves,” they wrote – doubling down on their original comment. Khloe didn’t respond to the user a second time, but her fans practically did that for her. 

She did, however, post a reply to another user’s comment – separate from the previous one. “Now try without a filter,” the user commented, to which Khloe responded, “what does a filter have to do with the workout queen?” The user doubled down on the comment and said a filter wasn’t really necessary. 

Instagram User Asks Khloe Kardashian If She Misses Her Old Face – She Gives the Perfect Response
via Instagram (@khloekardashian)

Again, Khloe’s fans came to her defense. “why? Because it bothers you? Let her be!!!” wrote one of her fans, while another commented, “why are you so full of hatred gal. The woman just posted her workout video and there you are! With your filter issues. Geezzz???? post your own without filters if you want.”

Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Daughter & Workout Routine

Many people are flocking to the comments section and applauding Khloe Kardashian for her responses to the rude users, but let’s not let that overshadow the initial purpose of the Instagram video – and the adorable cameo appearance by her 4-year-old daughter, True, who’ll be turning 5 in less than two weeks. 

“We’re Back Baby! Warm up… of your choice. I chose the @hydrow Rower for 10 mins prior to my Workout. I always stretch before and after my workout ????????‍♀️ game changer” Khloe wrote in the caption – adding detailed, step-by-step instructions on her workout routine for others to get involved and get active.

She also explained that she normally uses heavier weights, but recently suffered an elbow injury. Instead of worsening her injury, she opted for a much lower-impact workout with lower weights – adding that this will be the pace of her workout until her elbow fully heals. If you want to prevent injury, then take notes!

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She later took to the comments to applaud herself for explaining each workout in detail. “Trying to explain these workout moves is a workout in its own right ????” she wrote. As for her daughter, her 5th birthday is on April 12 and there will likely be a big celebration for the momentous day – which we can’t wait to see!

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