Kody Brown Believes Christine Brown Will Make a Good Monogamous Wife: “She Was a S*** Sister Wife”

Season 18 of Sister Wives came to an end on November 19, but the drama continues with Kody Brown and his four sister wives (three former, one current) taking part in the end-of-season ‘One on One’ interviews – which are split into three parts. We’re already two parts in, with the third airing this week.

In Part 1, which was filmed pre-October and aired on November 26, Kody Brown was asked about Christine Brown and her then-fiance (now-husband), David Woolley. While he’s happy for the two of them, he said so in a bit of a backhanded way – ultimately attacking Christine for being a ‘s**t sister wife.’ 


In fact, Kody criticized Christine for her lack of effort as a sister wife – something he has been open about in the past. At the same time, he does believe a monogamous relationship is more up her alley. “She’ll probably, and I hope, be a very good wife for David,” he said during the one-on-one two Sundays ago. 

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For those who need a quick recap, Christine Brown left Kody Brown two years ago and made the move to Utah to start a new chapter of her life – her decision created a domino effect that saw Janelle Brown and Meri Brown end their marriage to Kody. As of today, Robyn Brown is the only sister wife still standing.


By October 2022, Christine Brown met David Woolley while browsing through a dating site. They met the following month, and it didn’t take long for their relationship to blossom. They made it ‘Instagram official’ in February 2023, David got on one knee and proposed in April, and they officially put a ring on it in October.

During the ‘One-on-One,’ Kody Brown alluded to Christine and David’s relationship as one of the primary reasons why Christine is trying to ‘destroy’ his character. “Christine has to destroy my character. Or David doesn’t feel like he can marry her because she left a good man,” he said during last week’s One-on-One.


The One-on-One continues this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC and it’s gearing up to be a special episode. Why, you might ask? Well, let’s just say a certain someone (his name is David) is making his debut on the show! While he has made his presence known on Christine’s social media, this is her first time on screen!

Christine Brown Wishes Kody Brown Nothing But the Best

During an interview with Deidre Behar of Entertainment Tonight, Christine Brown talked about the first time David Woolley met Kody Brown. While she ‘doesn’t know how Kody feels about any of it,’ she does feel like ‘they’ll be fine’ and ‘kind in each other’s presence’ – adding that they’ve talked multiple times.


She was also asked to give her comments on Kody’s relationship with Robyn. She described the two as ‘equally-matched’ and ‘equally-yolked,’ adding that they ‘deserve each other’ and she wants them to have ‘the best life possible.’ She’s ready to move on with her life and she hopes he’s ready to move on with his.


“They completely deserve each other, and I want them to have the best life possible. They found each other and I know what it feels like to find your person. I know what I have with David and now I can understand what they have with each other. And I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah, please have a good life,'” she said.

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Season 18 is done and the one-on-one interviews will conclude this Sunday, but this might not be the end for Sister Wives. While a 19th season hasn’t been announced or confirmed, it has been teased by several members of the family, and fans are eagerly waiting for the go-ahead from TLC – it has to happen, right?

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