La La Anthony Talks About How She Prioritizes Her ‘Great Kid’ Kiyan, 14, As a Working Mom

On this Monday’s episode of The Tamron Hall Show, actress and ex-wife of Carmelo Anthony, La La Anthony opened up about how she balances her time at work and her time with her son, Kiyan Anthony.

La La Anthony has a “great kid” who makes being a working mom easier.

La La Anthony talked about how she was hesitant to let her kid use social media, but now that he’s of age, she’s relaxed a little. She said, “He just got an Instagram probably like a month ago, and he asked me every day for the last like two or three years, and I was so worried and so against it. I finally caved in about a month ago, and so far it’s been good. We’ve had no issues.” Kiyan’s Instagram now boasts over 200k followers.

However, La La Anthony trusts her son with his outreach, as in all aspects, he’s “a great kid who’s super responsible, which makes my life a lot easier.”

She also talked about how she balances being an actress and a mom, explaining “As long as I prioritize him first, which he’ll always be first over anything I’m doing, then kind of everything else falls into place after that. But Kiyan comes before any job or anything at all times, and everyone I work with or anyone who’s a part of what I’m doing knows that.”

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La La Anthony is learning how to move on from her divorce.

Last month, La La opened up to People Magazine about how she works through her divorce from Carmelo after 11 years together. She explained, “The balancing act is hard. I’m still figuring it out, but I’m starting to understand how having that ‘me time’ ‘- having that workout time makes me a better person.”

She continued by explaining the guilt that comes from being a working mom and a divorceé, saying “Because before for me … anytime I wasn’t working, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough or I felt guilty or I felt bad. And I realized it all goes hand in hand, I’m going to work smarter and harder and better when I’ve had that ‘me time’ or workout time.”

She’s even managed to use that time to get closer to her son as “Kiyan and I do work out together. He’s an incredible basketball player. So I go to his practices a lot. A lot of it is me watching him workout. But seeing him in the gym and how focused he is … it motivates me to be more on it because I don’t just want to be sitting around while he’s busting his butt, doing all of that stuff. So he has been a great motivation.”

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