Lady Gaga Celebrated For Graciously Helping Liza Minnelli At The Oscars

After battling health issues for a long time, Liza Minnelli, 74, joined Lady Gaga onstage at the Academy Awards on Sunday to announce this year’s Best Picture winner.

During the ceremony, Liza was in a wheelchair and at times, did not appear to know what was happening.

However, Gaga held Liza’s hand the entire time but only after she graciously stepped away to allow Liza her own moment in the spotlight.

She then went on to “You see that? The public, they love you.”

Liza laughed as she tried to collect herself and could be heard saying: “Oh yes, now what am I…I don’t understand.”

Gaga smiled sweetly and reassured her: “I’ve got it,” before introducing Liza to the audience and calling her a “true showbusiness legend.”

And when it was Liza’s cue to talk, she looked to Gaga for confirmation and the star offered her a comforting nod. Liza then appeared to struggle with her lines as she said: “Throughout the night we’ve seen highlights of the 10 best … you know … nominated for best picture awards…”

Gaga then finished for her: “We’re gonna see who the nominees are right now.” Liza appeared to be relieved as she smiled and replied: “Oh good.”

Gaga leaned into Liza and whispered: “I got you,” to which Liza replied: “I know, thank you.”

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And when it was time for the pair to announce the winners, Gaga checked that Liza was ready before opening the envelope for her and letting her announce CODA’s win on her own.

Many were quick to praise Lady Gaga for her class and how she handled the situation.

“How Lady Gaga was able to navigate the situation to keep the show moving and safeguarding Liza’s dignity was masterful and shows what a good heart she has,” one person tweeted.

“It warmed my heart to see how considerate and caring Lady Gaga treated the terribly fragile Liza Minelli without robbing her of her dignity,” another agreed.

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One tweet read: “This is like a lesson in how to facilitate older people while honouring who they are. What a class act by @ladygaga with legend Liza Minnelli. The conferred whispers of ‘I gotcha’ ‘I know’ picked up by the mikes make it especially touching.”

While another commented: “Not me crying at the gentle soul that is Lady Gaga encouraging and supporting legend Liza Minnelli.”

“I just gained a whole new respect for Lady Gaga watching the gentle and dignified way that she interacted with Liza Minnelli. It literally brought tears to my eyes” another echoed.

Followed by: “I hope that at some point we can discuss what a class act Lady Gaga is and how well she kept the Best Picture presentation going while still keeping Liza Minnelli grounded and included without ever being patronizing or awkward. Just amazing.”

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