150 Libra Celebrities That Embody Their Balanced and Just Astrological Sign

The zodiac sign Libra is known for its balanced and just nature. Those born under this sign are often associated with diplomacy, harmony, and a love for beauty and aesthetics. Libras also have a keen sense of justice, making them natural peacemakers and problem solvers. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at 150 Libra celebrities who embody the traits and characteristics of their astrological sign.

Many famous personalities share the Libra zodiac sign, from world-renowned actors to award-winning musicians and professional athletes. We’ve compiled a list of 150 of the most notable Libra celebrities who make the sign proud by adding their voices to the pop culture zeitgeist. These famous faces are all born between September 23 and October 22. Let’s celebrate them!

Libra Celebrities Born September 23

Libra Celebrities
  • Janelle James – Actor; born 1979
  • Anthony Mackie – Actor; born 1978
  • Bruce Springsteen – Musician; born 1949
  • Jason Alexander – Actor; born 1959
  • Skylar Austin – Actor; born 1987

Libra Celebrities Born September 24

Libra Celebrities
  • Ben Platt – Actor; born 1993
  • Harriet Walter – Actor; born 1950
  • Joe Greene – Football player; born 1946
  • Nia Vardalos – Actor; born 1962
  • Ian Bohen – Actor; born 1976

Libra Celebrities Born September 25

Libra Celebrities
  • Will Smith – Actor; born 1968
  • Donald Glover – Actor; born 1983
  • Mark Hamill – Actor; born 1951
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones – Actor; born 1969
  • Bella Ramsey – Actor; born 2003

Libra Celebrities Born September 26

Libra Celebrities
  • Serena Williams – Tennis pro; born 1981
  • Linda Hamilton – Actor; born 1956
  • Bryan Ferry – Musician; born 1945
  • Christina Milian – Actor; born 1981
  • Jim Caviezel – Actor; born 1968

Libra Celebrities Born September 27

Libra Celebrities
  • Avril Lavigne – Musician; born 1984
  • Gwyneth Paltrow – Actor; born 1972
  • Anna Camp – Actor; born 1982
  • Jenna Ortega – Actor; born 2002
  • Mike Schmidt – Baseball player; born 1949

Libra Celebrities Born September 28

Libra Celebrities
  • Hilary Duff – Actor; born 1987
  • Naomi Watts – Actor; born 1968
  • Alan Alda – Actor; born 1936
  • Mira Sorvino – Actor; born 1967
  • St. Vincent (Annie Clark) – Musician; born 1982

Libra Celebrities Born September 29

Libra Celebrities
  • Kevin Durant – Basketball player; born 1988
  • Chrissy Metz – Actor; born 1980
  • Ian McShane – Actor; born 1942
  • Halsey – Musician; born 1994
  • Kelly McCreary – Actor; born 1981

Libra Celebrities Born September 30

Libra Celebrities
  • Marion Cotillard – Actor; born 1975
  • Fran Drescher – Actor; born 1957
  • T-Pain – Musician; born 1984
  • Kieran Culkin – Actor; born 1982
  • Tony Hale – Actor; born 1970

Libra Celebrities Born October 1

Libra Celebrities
  • Julie Andrews – Actor; born 1935
  • Brie Larson – Actor; born 1989
  • Zach Galifianakis – Comedian; born 1969
  • Jimmy Carter – Politician; born 1924
  • Esai Morales – Actor; born 1962

Libra Celebrities Born October 2

Libra Celebrities
  • Sting – Musician; born 1951
  • Lorraine Bracco – Actor; born 1954
  • Kelly Ripa – TV personality, born 1970
  • Annie Leibovitz – Photographer; born 1949
  • Avery Brooks – Actor; born 1948

Libra Celebrities Born October 3

Libra Celebrities
  • Gwen Stefani – Musician; born 1969
  • Neve Campbell – Actor; born 1973
  • Noah Schnapp – Actor, born 2004
  • Tessa Thompson – Actor born, 1983
  • Al Sharpton – Activist; born 1954

Libra Celebrities Born October 4

Libra Celebrities
  • Alicia Silverstone – Actor; born 1976
  • Dakota Johnson – Actor; born 1989
  • Derrick Rose – Basketball player; born 1989
  • Liev Schreiber – Actor; born 1967
  • Susan Sarandon – Actor; born 1946

Libra Celebrities Born October 5

Libra Celebrities
  • Kate Winslet – Actor; born 1975
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson – Astrophysicist; born 1958
  • Jesse Eisenberg – Actor; born 1983
  • Steve Miller – Musician; born 1943
  • Guy Pearce – Actor; born 1967

Libra Celebrities Born October 6

Libra Celebrities
  • Emily Mortimer – Actor; born 1971
  • Jeremy Sisto – Actor; born 1974
  • Elisabeth Shue – Actor; born 1963
  • Addison Rae – TikTok creative; born 2000
  • Trevor Lawrence – Football player; born 1999

Libra Celebrities Born October 7

Libra Celebrities
  • Simon Cowell – TV personality; born 1959
  • Thom Yorke – Musician; born 1968
  • Mookie Betts – Baseball player; 1992
  • Joy Behar – TV personality; born 1942
  • Toni Braxton – Musician; 1967

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Libra Celebrities Born October 8

Libra Celebrities
  • Bruno Mars – Musician; born 1985
  • Bella Thorne – Actor; born 1997
  • Matt Damon – Actor; born 1970
  • Sigourney Weaver – Actor; born 1949
  • Jesse Jackson – Activist; born 1941

Libra Celebrities Born October 9

Libra Celebrities
  • Bella Hadid – Model; born 1996
  • Tyler James Williams – Actor; born 1992
  • Sharon Osbourne – TV personality; born 1942
  • George Kittle – Football player; born 1993
  • Guillermo Del Toro – Film director; born 1964

Libra Celebrities Born October 10

Libra Celebrities
  • Dan Stevens – Actor; born 1982
  • Rose McIver – Actor; born 1988
  • Gavin Newsom – Politician, born 1967
  • Mya – Musician; born 1979
  • Mario Lopez – TV personality; born 1973

Libra Celebrities Born October 11

Libra Celebrities
  • Cardi B – Musician; born 1992
  • Brandon Flynn – Actor, born 1993
  • TJ Watt – Football player; 1994
  • Michelle Trachtenberg – Actor, born 1985
  • Matt Bomer – Actor, born 1977

Libra Celebrities Born October 12

Libra Celebrities
  • Hugh Jackman – Actor, born 1968
  • Josh Hutcherson – Actor, born 1992
  • Tony Cavalero – Actor; born 1983
  • Fiona Palomo – Actor; born 1998
  • Calum Scott – Musician; born 1988

Libra Celebrities Born October 13

Libra Celebrities
Public Domain
  • Caleb Mclaughlin – Actor; born 2001
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Politician, born 1989
  • Matt Walsh – Actor; born 1964
  • Kate Walsh – Actor; born 1967
  • Jerry Rice – Football player; born 1962

Libra Celebrities Born October 14

Libra Celebrities
  • Usher – Musician; born 1978
  • Ralph Lauren – Fashion designer; 1939
  • Quinn Hughes – Hockey player; born 1999
  • Stephen A. Smith – Radio host; born 1967
  • Esra Bilgic – Actor; born 1992

Libra Celebrities Born October 15

Libra Celebrities
  • Ncuti Gatwa – Actor; born 1992
  • Ginuwine – Musician; born 1970
  • Sarah Ferguson – Duchess; born 1959
  • Keyshia Cole – Musician; born 1981
  • Anthony Joshua – Boxer; born 1989

Libra Celebrities Born October 16

Libra Celebrities
  • John Mayer – Musician; born 1977
  • Bryce Harper – Baseball player; born 1992
  • Sue Byrd – Basketball player; born 1980
  • Naomi Osaka – Tennis player; born 1997
  • Caterina Scorsone – Actor, born 1981

Libra Celebrities Born October 17

Libra Celebrities
  • Eminem – Musician; born 1972
  • Felicity Jones – Actor; born 1983
  • Wyclef Jean – Musician; born 1969
  • Mae Jemison – Astronaut; born 1956
  • Alan Jackson – Musician; born 1958

Libra Celebrities Born October 18

Libra Celebrities
  • Zac Efron – Actor; born 1987
  • Tyler Posey – Actor; born 1991
  • Sophie Thatcher – Actor, born 2000
  • Barry Keoghan – Actor, born 1992
  • Ne-Yo – Musician; born 1979

Libra Celebrities Born October 19

Libra Celebrities
  • Floyd Mayweather Sr. – Boxer; born 1952
  • Rebecca Ferguson – Actor; born 1983
  • Jon Favreau – Actor; born 1966
  • John Lithgow – Actor, born 1945
  • Gillian Jacobs – Actor; born 1982

Libra Celebrities Born October 20

Libra Celebrities
  • Snoop Dogg – Musician; born 1971
  • Kamala Harris – Politician; born 1964
  • Nija Charles – Musician; born 1997
  • John Krasinski – Actor; born 1979
  • Viggo Mortensen – Actor; born 1958

Libra Celebrities Born October 21

Libra Celebrities
  • Kim Kardashian – TV personality; born 1980
  • Doja Cat – Musician; born 1995
  • Judge Judy – TV personality; born 1942
  • Andrew Scott – Actor; born 1976
  • Hari Nef – Actor; born 1992

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Libra Celebrities Born October 22

Libra Celebrities
  • Shaggy – Musician; born 1968
  • Jeff Goldblum – Actor; born 1952
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Actor; born 1975
  • Katherine Norland – Actor; born 1973
  • Bob Odenkirk – Actor; born 1962

In conclusion, the Libra zodiac sign is symbolized by scales, representing the balance and harmony that those born under this sign seek in their lives. The 150 Libra celebrities featured in this post are a testament to this trait, showcasing how they embody the characteristics of their astrological sign in their personal and professional lives. From their ability to bring people together and resolve conflicts to their appreciation for beauty and aesthetics, these individuals have made a mark in their respective fields while staying true to their Libra nature.

For even more celebrity content, keep reading. We have a fun list of celebrities who people met in real life. Some were awful others were nice. Discover the friendlies and the foes below!

Awesome: Danny Trejo

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

Morgan Sloss kicked off the discussion by sharing about the time she ran into living legend Danny Trejo.

“A few years ago, I met Danny Trejo outside his donut shop in LA,” she shared. “We danced together for a minute, and when I turned to leave, he asked if I wanted a picture. A total sweetheart!”

Awesome: Daniel Radcliffe

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“I served Daniel Radcliffe his dessert at an event. I tripped and spilled some of it on him, probably due to seeing that I was serving Daniel Radcliffe, and he stood up and started apologizing profusely to ME. Was very sweet and asking if I was okay.”


Awesome: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“My mom and sister met The Rock when he was still a wrestler. They had a couple car seats and tons of bags, having a hell of a time getting off the plane, and people were waiting. Then, this massive guy offered to carry some things for them, and they happily took the help. He grabbed some bags and held the baby carrier with my niece in it, helped them off the plane, and left. After people kept going up to them and asking how they knew The Rock, they were very confused until someone explained who he was.”


Awful: Zooey Deschanel

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“I had a coworker whose sister was a crew member on New Girl. Said Zooey Deschanel treated everyone like sh**.”


“I worked on a movie set. Zooey Deschanel is very aware that she’s a big deal. Not downright mean, but remarkably entitled.”


Awesome: Paul Rudd

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“I met Paul Rudd on a flight from New York, sat next to him on the plane. My buddy leaned over and told me that he wanted to compliment him on this band shirt he wore when making Clueless, but he ‘didn’t want it to be weird.’ So his solution was to write him a note and slip it to him, LOL. So he did this, and Paul just got this nervous look on his face, opened the note, and read it. Started cracking up laughing, leaned over to us, and said, ‘Best note ever,'” someone shared.

“He then told us the whole story of the shirt and how he fought with the costume department about it because it was the shirt he wore to set that day,” they continued. “We talked the whole flight; dude was super cool.”


Awesome: Jamie Lee Curtis

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“I worked with young adults with disabilities and was with a client at GameStop. A woman walked in with a teenager, and they were shopping around. We were the only customers there, and when she asked for help from an associate, I loved the way she spoke. I went to ask her where she was from and blurted out, ‘Wow. Has anyone told you that you look exactly like Jamie Lee Curtis?’ To which she smiled and replied, ‘That’s because I am her.'”

“I apologized and let her get back to her shopping. Afterward, as she was about to leave, I asked her if it would be alright if I called my wife and told her where I ran into her (I didn’t know if she wanted her location blasted), and she said, ‘Of course. Want to take a picture?’ Absolute solid human. Love her.”


Awful: Jennifer Lopez

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“Met J.Lo and Jane Fonda while I worked at a private FBO (an operation at a major airport for rich people to fly out of), and I said hello to J.Lo. Nope, not even a response.”

“Jane Fonda, on the other hand, said hi back and asked me how my day was. This was when they were filming Monster-in-Law. She was a nice lady.”


Awesome: Samuel L. Jackson

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“Samuel L. Jackson at the Calgary Stampede in Canada. He was super nice. My family went up for it because my uncle is part of the committee that organizes the Stampede every year, and he got us VIP seating. I was a kid at the time, and I was like, ‘Does your wallet really say bad mother*****r?’ He laughed and said he left that one at home. Of course, when I told the story at school, I told everyone his wallet did, in fact, say that.”


Awesome: Emilia Clarke

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“I met her a couple of times (I worked at a medical research institute she was working with as part of her brain injury charity). She was very down-to-earth, genuine, interested, and involved. Her mum was lovely, too.”


“I was fortunate enough to meet her when working in Malibu, and she was so sweet. It was right before the last season of GOT came out.”


Awful: Ricky Gervais

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“Finding out Ricky Gervais is a [d*ck] IRL was extremely disappointing. I work in film and wanted to work with him so badly that I took a huge pay cut to work on his movie, Special Correspondents. He was an absolute terror on set. Longest two months of my career.”


Awesome: Adam Sandler

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“I ran into Adam Sandler outside of a Planet Fitness in Brooklyn in early 2016. As I was leaving Planet Fitness, it looked like he was walking in. We made eye contact, so I stopped and held the door for him. He got to the door and stopped right before he walked through, in one of those fake poses that little kids make when you tell them to freeze. I stood there holding the door, plenty confused. For about five seconds, we just stood there: him, motionless, and me, standing there holding the door.”

“Finally, he turned his head and said in the stereotypical Adam Sandler voice, ‘Ahhh, who we kidding? I’m not going in there!’ Giant grin on his face. We both laughed, and then he continued down the street. Awesome.”


Awesome: Gordon Ramsay

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“Bumped into Gordon Ramsay in the lift in a hotel in Hong Kong. He was very friendly. We didn’t talk to him or ask for a picture. I just blurted out, ‘You’re Gordon Ramsay!’ And he acknowledged me and smiled. He insisted on us going first because we had our suitcases with us, wished us a nice day, and said bye several times when we saw him in the lobby again. Very friendly!”


Awful: Bill Nye

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“Was a huge fan growing up. My brother works for NASA at Goddard in Maryland, and Mr. Nye has been a guest speaker for a number of events. The dude is apparently, according to my brother and his colleagues, a total jerk. Any time I’ve shared this, I get a fair amount of people disbelieving or saying it’s probably a misunderstanding. Look into it for yourself, and I’m sure you’ll find many anecdotes of him being an [a**].”


“I live in the Seattle area. Many individuals I have worked with have personally known Bill Nye (he worked at Boeing/started his Science Guy career in Seattle). They say he is one of the biggest [a**holes] they’ve ever had the displeasure of working with. I’ve heard descriptions from ‘pompous rat’ to ‘egotistical douchenozzle.'”


Awesome: Gemma Chan

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“My sister has met many celebs, and one of the nicest she ever met was Gemma Chan. I’ve also never, ever heard anything other than her being a literal sweetheart when people have met her or even worked with her.”


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Awesome: Tom Hanks

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“Absolutely nice. I met him when I worked at In-N-Out Burger a few years back. I took an order to his table and was startled when I saw him. I asked, ‘Are you Tom Hanks?’ And he looked up from his meal, gave the biggest, friendliest smile, and said, ‘You betcha.’ When I was clocking out, he was heading out, so I held the door open for him. I said, ‘Mr. Hanks, if it’s not any trouble, could I possibly take a picture with you?’ He turned around with another big grin and said, ‘Walk with me, kid.'”

“So we talked for about 10 minutes. He asked me about my life, and I told him all of my favorite movies he is in. He gave me some life advice, and his son (very nice but just quiet) took some pictures of us. He gave me a handshake followed by a hug, saying it was nice to meet me. I said, ‘I’m glad the most famous person I got to meet was you.’ Then they left. Needless to say, my coworkers stared through the windows the entire time and then hounded me for a week about it.”


Awful: Khalid

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“I’ve been fortunate to have been a part of a lot of different events, festivals, and shows. I’ve met a bunch of singers and performers throughout my time at these events. The most memorable was this guy, but not for anything good. It was for his attitude towards hotel staff, my colleagues, and his own team. Arrogant [a**hat]. I had to avoid him. I can keep my mouth shut when I have to, but I can’t contain my face.”


Awesome: Harrison Ford

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“I worked for Harrison Ford’s son, Ben, in his restaurant that lasted a few years in town. I was 14 at the time and a busser. One night, the restaurant was completely reserved by one party. Turns out, Harrison was coming to eat at his son’s place. So, as I was pouring everyone their water, I got to the person sitting right next to Harrison, and the water pitcher spilled everywhere. No water spilled on anyone, but I started apologizing profusely anyway. Harrison was laughing his ass off and told me that it was okay, don’t worry about, no water got on anyone. He was very nice about the whole thing.”


Awesome: Megan Thee Stallion

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“She is so, so nice! She stayed at the hotel I worked at in college while she was on tour, and the entire time, she and her whole team were kind, patient, and just all-around pleasant to work around! Her dog was super nice, too, LOL.”


Awful: Rachael Ray

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“I used to work for celebrity photographers so I have lots of stories. Rachael Ray is by far the worst ‘celebrity’ I have ever worked with. Like, shutting down set until she got a diet Coke and soda water terrible. Yelling at her assistants and constantly storming off set. Just awful.”


“She was an [a**hole] before she was famous, apparently. A friend of mine saw her doing some cooking demonstration in Times Square right before she made it big (like 2006 or something) and said she was rude to the crowd that gathered to watch her.”


Awesome: Steve Buscemi

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“Steve Buscemi is a genuinely kind man. I used to serve him all the time, and he never once was a diva, always had a smile on his face, and I don’t even think he once had a complicated order. He always ordered the most simple thing on the menu and always tipped 20%+. If he wanted to hide or be left alone, he’d bring in a physical copy of the New York Times and kind of hide behind it, which I thought was super funny because customers would still catch a glimpse of him somehow and approach him anyway. But even then, he was incredibly kind and appreciative of whatever compliments they offered.”


“He was a firefighter in New York back in the ’80s and spent the week after 9/11 with his old firehouse helping dig through the rubble. I’ve always thought that really spoke to the depth of his character.”


Awesome: Dolly Parton

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“I met Miss Dolly Parton when I was just a wee kid in Illinois. I’ve described it as being like meeting the sun. She was just so happy and warm and wonderful, and she was the first person I’d met in real life with a Southern accent.”


Awful: Michael Jordan

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“Met Michael Jordan while off work when I worked at Disney and just casually said, ‘Hey, Michael.’ Got a ‘go away’ as a response, which pretty much turned me off of MJ forever.”


Awesome: Elijah Wood

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“The biggest sweetheart of them all is Elijah Wood. What a great actor to interview. Humble, kind, sensitive, and very, very sweet-natured.”


Awful: Chevy Chase

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“I worked for Chevy Chase once. Guy’s a [d*ck].”


“I met a few celebs working as an event photographer for fundraisers from time to time. Chevy Chase, well, the stories are true. He was a huge jerk.”


Awesome: Cardi B

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“Ran into Cardi B at a Christmas event. Her security was kind of annoying, but when we approached her, she went out of her way to be super nice and take pictures with us. One of the more memorable celebs I’ve met.”


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Awful: Julia Roberts

Awesome or Awful Celebrities

“She filmed a movie in the building I went to grad school in (it has a classic-looking lecture hall). No one reported a pleasant interaction with her. One guy rode the elevator with her and asked her to sign something. She didn’t look in his direction, and her assistant snapped, ‘She’s not doing that today.'”


“There are stories from the set of the movie Hook where she earned the nickname Tinker Hell.”


There you go! Now you know about the celebrities who are sweet in real life and who are rude, mean, and/or entitled. Everyone is entitled to have a bad day once in a while, but you can always choose to treat others with kindness. It feels like fame and wealth either bring out the best or worst in celebrities.


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