Lil Tay Makes Shocking Return to Social Media With New Music Video – And Not Much Has Changed!

Tay Tian, known professionally as Lil Tay, has officially made her return to the spotlight after five years of drama amid a custody battle between her father, Christopher John Hope, and mother, Angela Tian. She made her return to Instagram Live on Saturday (Sept. 30) and dropped a music video the same day.

Her new single – titled ‘Sucker 4 Green’ – is a pop song that talks about her love and apparent obsession with money. It’s a bit of a switch-up from her previous content, which was more centered around rap and hip-hop, but it has a catchy tune and is supposedly the lead single off her upcoming debut studio album.

She dropped the music video just a few days after she was spotted at the Los Angeles International Airport with her mother. Her representatives confirmed that her ‘court battle with her absentee father is over’ and her return to LA is ‘a huge step in the right direction’ as she now has control over her life again.

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“Lil Tay has full control over her social media accounts and is excited to share who she really is over the coming weeks,” her representatives added in a statement on September 28. Many fans were speculating a return in the near future after she started posting on her Instagram Story about her absentee father. 

She then attempted to clear everything up in an Instagram Live session on September 30, which started with her showing off some of her musical talents – which included playing covers to ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles and ‘Master of Puppets’ by Metallica on the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and piano. 

“It’s been five years and ya’ll still broke. The girl is back. Five years,” she said of her five-year comeback. Fans also noticed that she had changed her Instagram bio to read ‘smokin’ on that abusive father pack’ and her profile photo to an animated version of herself smoking a cigar-like object and holding a martini.

It should be noted that she has since changed her bio to include a link to her new music video and her profile photo to a picture of her from the music video. Now that she is back in the United States and has full control over her social media, we can expect to see Lil Tay back in the spotlight for years to come.  

Lil Tay Exposes Her Father During Instagram Live Session

After showing off her musical talents at the start of her Instagram Live session, things took a serious turn when she started to expose her father with screenshots, text messages, photos, and more – all of which were likely used in her court battle. She calls him out for his abuse, racism, and ill intent as a father. 

“He wanted control over my career and my money, and I had to go through, me and my family had to go through, even more years of abuse through the court system because of him. By the end, we won, I am free now. I thank God every day for it, I thank my mom for it,” she said – praising her mom for her support.

Lil Tay accused her father of feeding her ‘rotten, frozen, parasitic, moldy’ food, forcing her to watch horror films and holding her in a chokehold so she couldn’t escape, and wanting control of her career and money once she became famous. She also accused him of physically abusing her and her mother for years. 

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On Wednesday (Oct. 4), she posted a video on her Instagram Story of several police officers at the door of her home. She later accused her father of ‘swatting’ her (calling the cops on her for no reason) in an effort to stop her from exposing his racist and abusive ways. It appears the abuse isn’t coming to an end.

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