Mother Goes Viral on TikTok After Sharing Story of 3-Year-Old Son Who Snuck Out of His Crib and Walked Himself to McDonald’s

There’s something about waking up from a restful nap that gives you the munchies – don’t lie, we’ve all been there before. It’s something you have to satisfy immediately and while most of us do just that, it’s not everyday that we go viral on TikTok for what happens next – let alone go viral on TikTok at 3 years old. 

Well, that’s the case with Marissa Phiffer and her 3-year-old son, Aiden, who nearly gave his mother a heart attack when he disappeared while they were taking a nap. Turns out he woke up and was feeling a little hungry, so he put his shoes on, walked to a nearby McDonald’s, and tried to get himself some food. 

As you can likely imagine, Phiffer was in full panic mode when she woke up and realized her baby was missing. It didn’t take long for the police to arrive after she reported her son missing and when they did, she was able to take a deep breath of fresh air because they had a picture of him at the McDonald’s. 

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“YALL I GENUINELY HAVE NEVER FELT SO SICK & SCARED!” Phiffer wrote in the TikTok caption. “We already had the basement door switched out so we can lock it at night but NOW i need something for the front door! You never think it can happen to you, till it does!! Yall know I got this house babyproofed.” 


YALL I GENUINELY HAVE NEVER FELT SO SICK & SCARED! we already had the basement door switched out so we can lock it at night but NOW i need something for the front door! You never think it can happen to you, till it does!! Yall know i got this house babyproofed as much as possible but OMGG#greenscreenvideo#autismawareness#fyp#aidenandaleiya#twins#escapeartist#scared#twinsoftiktok#omg#runaway

♬ original sound – Marissa Jalea

In the TikTok video, she explains how her 3-year-old twins – Aleiya and Aiden – were taking a nap, while she slept on the floor next to their crib. When she woke up, there was only one child in the room and when she asked Aleiya where her brother was, she said he went outside. That’s when panic mode set in.

“He was not in the house. He was not in the basement. He was not in the front yard or the backyard, he was not around the block,” she said – adding that she called 911 not long after to file a missing persons report. “This little boy … woke up from our nap, put his shoes on, and walked to McDonald’s.”

She went on to disclose that the fast food chain was 0.2 miles from her home, which is quite a long way for a 3-year-old to go on his own. “It’s not funny, but it’s hilarious because his fat a** went to McDonald’s,” she said – trying to find a little bit of humor in what was overall a very scary situation for a worried mother.

Marissa Phiffer Uses TikTok to Spread Awareness

Marissa Phiffer posted her TikTok video on July 31 – her account has 2.3 million followers and her video was seen by 2.8 million people (it also received 510,000 likes, 7,000 comments, 54,000 bookmarks, and 10,000 shares. In the days after, she posted several updates on how to prevent it from happening again.


Replying to @Sunflower #greenscreen like bffr right now ???????? their birthday is in 10 days dont order Aiden NOTHING ????????#update#escapeartist#aidenandaleiya#missing

♬ original sound – Marissa Jalea

In one video, she was replying to a comment that said, “lock the door.” She noted that the door was locked at the time, but her son was able to unlock it (which she proved by having him do it on video). She shared a photo of something she found on Amazon that acts as a reinforcement lock from the inside. 


@Marissa Jalea (see this video for context) but i have found something to resolve this issue! A lot of people were saying this happened to them or it was a big fear. I suggest getting a lock regardless! #problemsolved#tiktokshop#fypp#update#parentmusthave#runaway#twinsoftiktok#boytwin#wildchild#resloution#doorlock#musthave

♬ original sound – Marissa Jalea

A week later, she posted another video when the new lock arrived – showing off its abilities. “So, boom, whether the door is locked or unlocked, this little boy, he cannot leave. I’m never letting that situation happen ever again,” she said in the video – adding that it’s ‘keeping [Aiden] in and intruders out.’ 

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On August 10, Marissa Phiffer took to TikTok to celebrate her twins’ third birthday. “August 10th i gave birth to my best friends! happy 3rd birthday #aidenandaleiya Thank you all for being here for my “famous babies”. The today show actually wrote an article about Aiden and posted it on their birthday!” she wrote.

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