Luke Bryan Says Son Has ‘No Idea What He’s Doing’ as He Learns How to Drive

Luke Bryan is entering a new phase of fatherhood as he begins the process of teaching his 15-year-old son, Thomas “Bo” Boyer Bryan, how to drive. It’s an extremely important stage in a teenager’s life, but one that takes a lot of patience for the father – something Luke Bryan has certainly seen for himself. 

On Thursday (June 29), Luke sat down with Katie Neal on her Katie & Company podcast to discuss the new album he’s working on, the tours he has planned, and – of course – teaching his son to drive. From the sounds of it, Bo has a long way to go before his father can trust him behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

“He’s 15 so he’s doing the whole learner’s permit nightmare. He is not a very good driver right now, so we’re having to work with him pretty hard,” Luke said during the podcast. And while none of us were good drivers from day one, Luke appears to be frustrated at his son’s false sense of confidence in his abilities. 

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“He’s very frustrating right now because he thinks he knows how to drive, but he has no idea what he’s doing,” Luke Bryan continued – further emphasizing his son’s false sense of confidence. “He thinks because he can operate a 4-wheeler or Polaris that he is quite proficient, but he is not, I assure you.”

Luke Bryan shares two sons – Thomas ‘Bo’ Boyer Bryan, 15, and Tatum ‘Tate’ Christopher Bryan, 12 – with his wife, Caroline Bryan. The couple met at a bar in the fall of 1998 and started dating shortly after. He described meeting his wife as ‘love at first sight’ and eventually tied the knot on December 8, 2006. 

In addition to their two children, Luke and Caroline have cared for his nephew – Tilden Cheshire, 21 – and his two nieces – Kris Cheshire, 24, and Jordan Cheshire, 28 – since 2014, when their father died of a heart attack. Their mother, Kelly Bryan (Luke’s sister), passed away of an unknown causes seven years prior. 

In 2021, Luke Bryan talked about how they get to live with his late sister through their children and that they’ve brought so much happiness to their family. “As a family, we really try to do good to just remember the beauty of the people we lost and not dwell on the fact that they’re not in our lives daily,” he said.

Luke Bryan Celebrates a Major Accomplishment in His Son’s Life

Luke Bryan is watching his eldest son grow up right before his eyes. Not only is Luke currently in the process of helping his son get his driver’s license, but Thomas ‘Bo’ Boyer Bryan recently accomplished a major goal in his life – he caught his first 10-pound fish just a few weeks ago, and we’re all jealous!

“He caught [his first 10-pound bass] a couple of weeks ago,” Luke said on the Katie & Company podcast. “It took him 15 years, it took me 46 years,” he added – proving that his teaching is producing results. And those results are a good sign of what’s to come as Luke Bryan continues to give Bo driving lessons. 

Elsewhere in the podcast, he discusses his upcoming album – he currently has about 10 songs recorded but wants to add between six and eight more songs before releasing the album. “As I write songs that I really love, we’ll go in the studio and record them and just keep adding layer upon layer to the album.”

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And for all the farmers out there, Luke Bryan is coming to a farm near you. In September, Luke Bryan is bringing back his FarmTour and has already announced five dates between September 14 and 23 – the mini tour will take place while he’s in the middle of his Concert On tour, so get your tickets now!

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