Macklemore Asks His Daughter, Sloane, to Direct His ‘No Bad Days’ Music Video – Here’s How It Turned Out!

Ben Haggerty, a hip-hop artist best known as Macklemore, released his third solo studio album on March 3. It’s his first solo studio album since Gemini (2017), which followed his 2005 album The Language of My World – though he also has two very popular albums with record producer Ryan Lewis

In the leadup to his Ben album, Macklemore was trying to figure out what to do for his music video for ‘No Bad Days’ – one of the five singles featured on the album. In an effort to keep it within his family, he asked his 8-year-old daughter, Sloane Haggerty, if she wanted to be the director behind the masterpiece. 

On February 20, he shared a video on his social media of him popping the question. “I’m a little bit nervous asking this, if I’m being honest,” he tells her, adding that he is so impressed with her creative work. After telling her his ‘crazy idea’ to have her be the director of the music video – SHE SAID YES!

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On March 3, the same day the Ben album was released, fans got their first full look at the music video for ‘No Bad Days’ and, sure enough, Sloane Haggerty was the director. In fact, she was much more than that – also being credited as one of the stylists and cinematographers at just 8 years old. Isn’t that incredible?!

“Hi, I’m Sloane Haggerty and I’m directing the ‘No Bad Days’ music video with Macklemore – he also happens to be my dad!” she says at the beginning of the video, before the chorus begins. The video shows glimpses of her getting equipped with a camera, walkie talkie, a clapperboard, and a headset. 

She ended up getting the day off of school and her ideas were immaculate! The video featured the duo as they went clothes shopping, hit up a vintage mall, getting pushed off a hot air balloon (on a green screen, don’t worry), changing hairstyles, having a karaoke party with her friends, graffiti, and horseback riding. 

There was also a moment in the video where they rode on a zamboni during a real Seattle Kraken (NHL) game in front of 20,000+ fans. “That’s a wrap, people – great job!” she says at the end of the video. The video has received more than 1.6 million views and 36,000 likes on YouTube over the past two weeks. 

Macklemore Gets a Final Reaction From Sloane

On March 16, nearly two weeks after the release of the music video, Macklemore shared a follow-up ‘interview’ with his daughter to get her final reaction on how things turned out. “The video? FIRE!” she responded, without hesitation. Considering how popular it was, we’d say that’s a fair assessment. 

“Got to skip school, didn’t even have to fake sick – not that I ever would. I’ve been getting a lot of calls. People are hitting me up to do their videos. I’m not saying any names, but Taylor Swift…” she says – which her father calls ‘cap’ on. “But you don’t have a phone,” Macklemore says out of suspicion.

Wondering if she would ‘double down on her cap’ or ‘tell the truth,’ she begins to double down on the lie – “I would never cap. No cap. I wouldn’t cap. Cap in the hat!” she said. It wasn’t until her father gave her a distinct look, furthering his suspicion, that she came clean. “I’m lying,” she said at the end of the video. 

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Sloane Haggerty is the eldest child of Macklemore, who he shares with his longtime love and current wife – TriciaDavis. The couple got engaged in 2013 and tied the knot on June 27, 2015. They also share two other adorable children – daughter ColetteKoala (March 16, 2018) and son HugoJack (July 30, 2021).

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