Meghan Trainor Opens Up About the PTSD She Experienced After Her Son’s Scary Birth Story

Meghan Trainor, who has been married to Daryl Sabara since 2018, welcomed her first child with the actor on February 8, 2021 – a son named Riley. He was born via cesarean section, but Trainor wasn’t able to see or hold her son while she was getting stitched up – she had a much different experience.

Riley was born with breathing problems and spent several days in the NICU – neonatal intensive care unit – before being sent home. In the moments after she gave birth to him, Trainor was left alone while Daryl and their son rushed to the NICU for treatment – ultimately resulting in a traumatic experience for Trainor. 

In fact, Meghan was later diagnosed with PTSD after she struggled to fall asleep at night because she had nightmares and flashbacks of her C-section. She decided to seek the help of a therapist and ended up working through her PTSD – now she’s talking all about it in her new book titled Dear Future Mama.

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In an interview with PEOPLE, Trainor spoke of her traumatic experience. “Usually when you’re being sewn up for 45 minutes, you’re like, ‘Look at my gorgeous baby. We did it. This is everything.’ But I was laying there alone,” she told the media outlet – adding she called her mother in a drugged-up haze. 

“I couldn’t go to sleep at night. I would be in tears and tell Daryl, ‘I’m still on that table, dude. I’m trapped there. I can’t remind myself I’m in bed and I’m safe at home. I had to learn how traumatic it was,” she continued. That’s when she decided to see her therapist, who explained to her what was going on. 

Her therapist said she was experiencing abnormal chemical reactions in her brain, but therapy could help her ‘open that up and heal that wound.’ Through therapy, she was able to ‘work through it’ – adding ‘time heals all.’ Today, Riley is a healthy child with an electric personality and his parents couldn’t be happier.

Better yet, Riley is due to welcome the couple’s second child this summer – meaning Riley will have a little brother/sister. In the meantime, fans can look forward to the release of Trainor’s first book – Dear Future Mama: A TMI Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood from Your Bestie – on April 25, 2023.

Meghan Trainor Goes In-Depth About Riley’s Birth

In the book, Trainor goes into depth about Riley’s birth – everything from driving to the hospital to the doctors learning he’s having difficulty breathing, not being able to see him for two days, the challenges that come with a C-section, and how her child is doing today. A lot of the content comes in Chapter 17.

“The energy in the room was tense, and someone told me there wasn’t time,” she wrote of the moment she felt something was wrong. While she got to hold her baby for a few seconds, he was quickly taken away for treatment. “I’d held him for maybe six seconds,” she said – adding Daryl’s face was panicked.

Knowing it would take 45 minutes for her to get sewed up, she asked Daryl to stay with her, but their doctor suggested he be with the baby and took him away from her too. “I was devastated. Good thing I was drugged, or I’d have jumped up with a gaping hole in my belly and run right after them,” she wrote. 

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“I imagined spending the days of C-section recovery holding our baby while glowing with joy. But instead, we both spent two days recovering on different floors of the hospital. It was torture to know that he was so close and yet out of my reach,” she continues. You can read more about her experience come April 25!

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