Microwave Hacks From TikTok You Had Zero Idea About

You can thank TikTok for this one.

While we all use the microwave, we bet you had NO idea about these life-changing hacks that will elevate your meal.

With an impressive 900K likes and counting on her microwave hack videos, Isabella Avilla has the tea!

And so without further ado, BEHOLD! The microwave tips you didn’t know you needed…

1. Place your dish on the edge of the rotating surface instead of the middle. This way, it can fully rotate around which in turn will cook the food evenly!

2. If you are short on time and need to cook two things at once in the microwave, add a bowl or a mug underneath the dish to create additional height and surface area.

3. If you are eating leftover pasta or pizza, Avilla recommends adding a cup of water in the microwave to release moisture which stops the carbs from getting overly chewy or hard.

Microwave Hacks From TikTok You Had Zero Idea About
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TikTok, as most know, is FULL of hacks. One of the most recent to go viral was not food tips for adults but for babies who breastfeed and parents couldn’t have been happier.

And while the hack has been going viral for over a year now and continues to garner thousands of views, TikTok mom Cassondra Rolland doesn’t want the world to forget about it.

“This is the first thing I tell all my new mom friends about breast milk storage,” Rolland wrote in her post’s caption. “You freeze ’em flat,” the mom shares while holding her breast milk storage bag.

“You do this, you’ve got a brick — it takes forever to unthaw,” she reveals, as she compares the two bags.


This is the first thing I tell all my new Mom friends about breastmilk storage. #breastmilkstorage #momhacks #newmomtips #organizedbreastmilk

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Rolland says that freezing the bags while they’re lying flat will save lots of time in the future. So how does she do it? Once the bag is completely frozen, then you can stand it upright. And at that point, you can transfer it into a larger storage box so you can organize all of the bags AND so you can see their dates clearly.

The next step is to grab a large zip-top freezer bag that will house several breast milks.

“Fill up your bag — they usually fit 11 5-ounce bags,” the mom advises. “They stack great in a stand-up or a deep freeze.”

And in addition — they are super easy to transport!

“My daycare lady loves that I do this,” Rolland says. “This way she doesn’t have 100 individual bags to deal with.”

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