Mom Shares Video of Herself Breastfeeding While Driving in Traffic, She Sparks a Debate After Asking What Other Moms Would Do

A video that was originally shared on Instagram showed a mom sitting in the driver seat of her vehicle on a busy road breastfeeding her baby.

According to CafeMom and the Daily Mail, while on her way to her destination, an accident caused mom Raquel Reynolds to get stuck in standstill traffic. While still stuck in traffic, it was time to breastfeed her daughter and she felt she had no other options.

As the Daily Mail reports, Reynolds was heard going over her options to herself in the since-deleted video. “We’re sitting in traffic and baby’s hungry … it’s so dangerous [and] it’s a bit crazy,” she said. “But what am I supposed to do, hey bubba?”

Mom Shares Video of Herself Breastfeeding While Driving, Asks Others What They Would Do

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In the end, Reynolds made the decision to feed her hungry child. The video shows the mom positioning her 4-month-old daughter as quickly as possible and starts feeding her as she and traffic slowly inch forward.

Mom Breastfeeding While Driving, Sparks Debate

After feeding her daughter and getting out of traffic without any injury, Reynolds made the decision to share the video to her then-public Instagram account. She captioned the video asking her followers what they would have done in her situation.

While some moms agreed that they would have probably done the same thing if they were ever in their shoes. Other people thought Reynolds was in the wrong for putting her child in harm’s way.

Some commenters suggested that the mom should have prepared a bottle for her daughter just in case a situation like she was in ever happens.

Debbi Baer, a NICU pediatrician who runs the website The Car Seat Lady, told CafeMom, “I’m very pro-breastfeeding but nursing has a time and a place. A moving vehicle is not the time or the place. Nursing your child while the car is moving puts both you and your baby at significant risk of unnecessary injury.”

Mom Breastfeeding While Driving, Sparks Debate

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She continued, “If [Mom] is leaning over the baby to nurse, her chest will slam down on the baby’s body in a sudden stop of crash,” adding that the force of would be great in the event of a crash.

Reynolds has since made her Instagram account private following the influx of backlash from the video.

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