Mom Charged With Attempted Murder After Allegedly Telling Kids to Unbuckle Seatbelts Moments Before Driving Van Into a Tree

Just before a minivan crashed into a tree on October 2, the mom driving the van reportedly told her four children inside of it to unbuckle their seatbelts.

According to News 6, authorities who responded to the scene of the crash said the children involved told them that just before their mother drove the van into a tree, she instructed them to take their seatbelts off.

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Van Children Unbuckle Seatbelt
News 6

The children were between the ages of 7 and 13. Luckily, they all survived the crash.

Now, police are saying their investigation has led them to believe that the mother, 36-year-old Calicia Williams, of Ocala, Florida, crashed her van into a palm tree on purpose. It’s also believed that despite instructing her kids to remove their seatbelts, based on the marks found on Williams’ neck after the crash, she left hers on.

Van Children Unbuckle Seatbelt
News 6

Corie Byrd, a spokesperson for the Ocala Police Department, said investigators failed to find any break marks leading up to where the van hit the tree. As CNN reports, the police reported explained, “Due to tire and furrow marks in the median, it appeared the Pontiac was steering directly toward the tree that was struck.

The children also said that they told their “mommy to slow down” as she sped toward the tree. They also claimed their mom said, “The devil can’t hurt you, he only hurts bad people. You have the light of Jesus in you and only Jesus can cure us,” just before the crash occurred.

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According to CNN, the police report revealed that following the crash, Williams rambled incessantly “about spells and voodoo.” And when questioned by the police, the mother told authorities that she crash because her husband had “put a hex” on her. She also admitted to having marijuana in her system.

As News 6 reports, police are still trying to find answers as to why a mother would want to harm her four children. Byrd then urged other parents to hold their kids tightly, calling Williams’ case unfathomable.

Van Children Unbuckle Seatbelt

Following the crash, all of the children were taken to a local hospital where it was determined that none of them had suffered life-threatening injuries. Now, The Ocala Star-Banner is reporting that three of the four children involved have been released from the hospital. Williams and her 13-year-old daughter remain under doctor care.

The 9-year-old and 7-year-old twin siblings who were released from the hospital are now being cared for by relatives. The twins had just turned seven on Tuesday, October 8.

The status of the teen’s recovery and Williams’ health is still unknown. According to CNN, upon release from the hospital, she will be booked on four counts of attempted murder.

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