Mom Shares Why She Always Says Yes to a Picture No Matter What She Looks Like

When it comes to pictures, we are involved in a society where they must come out perfect or we fear that they ever see the light of day. From Instagram to magazines, it has been ingrained in moms, dads, and kids alike that photographs of our lives must be perfect at all times.

And one mom is through that notion out the window for her children’s sakes. In a Facebook post shared by Mary Duke of My Sunshine Birth Service, the mom revealed why she is always saying yes whenever they ask her to take a photo.

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I have a rule that I’ve never told my children. If one of them ever asks me to take a picture I will always say yes, no…

Posted by My Sunshine Birth Services – Mary Duke on Monday, March 22, 2021

“I have a rule that I’ve never told my children,” Duke wrote on Facebook. “If one of them ever asks me to take a picture I will always say yes, no matter how I look or feel.”

And on top of that rule, Duke says she also makes sure to always show love for the photo they just took of her. “When they show me this picture I always say, ‘I love me!’ Or ‘I’m so pretty!’ I don’t talk negatively about my looks around my kids. Even with 30lbs of pregnancy & breastfeeding weight, I will not speak negatively about my body to my kids,” the mom continued. By why?

Well, not only is she teaching her children self-love but without even realizing it, she was teaching herself to love her body as well. “Choosing to not avoid a camera, mirror or the spotlight is an extension of this,” Duke continued. “After 6 years of being kind to myself for the sake of my children I’ve learned the secret. It becomes less of an act and your reality. You eventually believe the words you speak to yourself.”

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Posted by My Sunshine Birth Services – Mary Duke on Monday, March 29, 2021

Mom Urges Other Moms and Parents to Just #TakeThePic

After sharing her post on Facebook, Duke revealed that it inspired another mom “to let her daughter take her picture. She then sent it to me and she inspired me! I started a new thread on my page where you can share your candid shots by or with the children in your life. Join me!” Just add the hashtag “#takethepic,” to your photo to join the movement!

Now that is a rule we all need to adapt into our daily lives. We are all beautiful in every season of life!

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