Mom Goes Viral for Using Roblox to Communicate With Daughter After Several Phone Calls Got Ignored

ChaCha Watson, a comedian and mom who lives in Chicago, wasn’t about to let her 11-year-old daughter get away with ignoring her phone calls. While it took a little bit of extra effort, she ultimately decided to log into a video game her daughter was playing at the time in order to communicate with her.

It’s something many parents can relate to these days, though each parent has their own method of getting their child’s attention. Watson knew her daughter would be booted from her game – Berry Avenue – if she picked up the phone and, after several phone calls, decided to meet her daughter in the virtual world. 

Since Watson often plays with her daughter on the platform, the two were already friends in the game – allowing her to see the game her daughter was playing. After meeting up virtually, Watson gave her an important task to complete before she got home – taking the lasagna and garlic bread out of the freezer. 

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“She just so happens to be in the beginning stage when you first pop up on the game. So when I popped up, she was just so happened to pull up,” said ChaCha Watson in an interview with TODAY. She hopped in a car that her daughter was driving and confronted her daughter, to which she quickly apologized. 

That’s when Watson messaged her, “Take the lasagna out the freezer and garlic bread so I can cook it.” Moments after the message was sent, the car they were driving (virtually) veered off the road and lightly crashed into a wall. It was a simple confirmation that her daughter got up and did what her mother asked.

In her TODAY interview, Watson laughed about how others got to see what she goes through to get in touch with her daughter. She initially posted her Roblox exchange on her Instagram story, but quickly added it to her Facebook account once she saw the hilarious reactions she was getting from others. 

On Facebook, the post received more than 4,400 reactions, 1,000+ comments, and 5,000+ shares over the past five days. It has received a lot of attention, but she has also been ‘bummed’ to see so many people stealing her joke – in some instances, stealing the post word-for-word without giving credit. 

Mom ChaCha Watson Uses Roblox to Spend More Time With Her Daughter

ChaCha Watson is always looking for ways to spend more time with her 11-year-old daughter, Miracle. With her daughter spending a lot of time playing different games on Roblox, she decided to download it herself and found that it was a great way to bond and connect with – and, sometimes, scold – her child.

“Being a single parent, you just want to make sure that you’re spending time with your kids. That’s really important to me — to make sure I’m spending quality time with her. So I downloaded Roblox and …that was just one of the best things ever,” she explained in her interview – encouraging others to give it a try.

For those that do decide to use Roblox – or any video game, for that matter – to bond with their child, ChaCha Watson has some words of advice. Instead of using the platform to boss their child around and tell your kids to do something, ‘try actually going and playing with them’ – adding ‘it’s actually really fun.’ 

Mom Goes Viral for Using Roblox to Communicate With Daughter After Several Phone Calls Got Ignored

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ChaCha Watson is happy so many people are finding her post funny, especially considering she’s a stand up comedian. In fact, she plans on talking more about being a mother and some of her personal experiences with motherhood in her next stand-up set. Oh, and she said the lasagna was ‘fye.’ 

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