30 Fresh Baby Names That Mean Green for Girls and Boys

If you’re on the hunt for a unique and meaningful name for your little one, why not consider one that represents nature’s favorite color – green? Whether you’re a fan of botanical names or simply looking for something unique, we’ve rounded up 30 green-inspired baby names that are perfect for both boys and girls.

From traditional names with green meanings to modern options inspired by the leaves, mosses, and forests, these names are sure to make a statement and give your child a connection to the natural world. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our list of 30 fresh baby names that mean green!

Names That Mean Green for Girls


Names That Mean Green

Aina is a multicultural name that means green that is found in a variety of naming traditions. For our purposes, we will turn to the Japanese translation of the name that means “lover of green.” Not bad, right?


Names That Mean Green

Beryl is a sparkling name for girls that means “jewel of sea-green color.” The appellation was a very popular option in the US up until the 1970s. We wish it would come back.


Names That Mean Green

You want to pronounce this one Brian-ee. It’s a Latin flower name that means “to sprout.” It’s one of the names that mean green that’s popular in the UK but has gone virtually unused in the US.


Names That Mean Green

Chloe is a classic Greek name that you might not know has a green connection. It has a root that means “small, green shoot.” A reference to the first showers of the spring season.


Names That Mean Green

Clover is a name from Old English, and it means “key.” However, we associate the name today with the flowering plant. This is one of the names that mean green which feel a little luckier than the rest.


Names That Mean Green

Chartreuse is a gorgeous name of French origin, meaning “charterhouse.” You’re likely familiar with the French liqueur of the name, but you might not know where its name comes from. The libation is made in the Grande Chartreuse monastery by monks who have been protecting its recipe for generations. The monastery is located in the Chartreuse mountains. The color of the liqueur is pale green/yellow.


Names That Mean Green

Emerald is a gorgeous gem name of Persian origin that means “green.” Emerald first became popular as a given name in the US in the 1990s, and it’s on the rise once more today. If Emerald is too on the nose for your liking, go with Esmeralda instead.


Names That Mean Green

Fern is an English plant name that was used to refer to someone who lives near the ferns. The name was once extremely popular in the US, but that has not been true for decades. We really would love to hear more of this name and its vintage charm.


Names That Mean Green

Flora names a Roman goddess of spring and flowers that represents eternal youth. Its Latin root indeed means “flower.” Flora fell out of the top 1000 most popular names for girls from 1972-2018. But it’s back and on the rise once more!


Names That Mean Green

Geneva names a Swiss city but also is a name from French that means “juniper tree.” Geneva was a really popular appellation in the US prior to the 1950s, and it has gone virtually unused here since the 1990s. Give this one a shot, and you could end up with the opportunity to nickname your daughter Gennie or Eva!


Names That Mean Green

Hazel is a name of English origin that means “hazelnut tree.” It’s also a descriptor for a color that’s a combination of green and brown. Hazel is a wildly popular name today, firmly in the top 50 for several years now.


Names That Mean Green

Ivy is a name that comes from Old English and refers to the green climbing plant. Ivy is more popular in the US today than ever before, and it shows no signs of stopping its climb to the top. Expect it to remain in the top 50 for years to come.


Names That Mean Green

Jade is a gem name that comes from Spanish and means “stone of the side.” Jade only emerged as a popular name in the US in the 1970s, and it’s been in or near the top 100 since the early aughts. You can’t go wrong with this precious appellation.


Names That Mean Green

We’ve seen a bunch of popular names, but let’s take a look at one that’s much more unique in the US today. Midori is a Japanese name that means “green” and is associated with fame. It also names a Japanese melon liqueur. While rare here, this name is well-known and beloved in its homeland.

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Names That Mean Green

Another one of the names that mean green that you don’t hear every day is Viridian. The name is technically unisex, but we prefer it for a baby girl. The name is English from Latin and refers to a “blue-green color.” To nail the pronunciation, say this one like vih-RID-ee-un.

Names That Mean Green for Boys


Names That Mean Green

Pronounce this appellation for boys bay-REE-low, and it’s a total blast. Berilo is a name of Spanish origin from Greek that means “beryl,” which is a greenish gemstone. This would be a unique option, but we think there’s so much to love with this one.


Names That Mean Green

Thanks to the familiarity of Don, Celadon seems like it could totally work as a given name. It describes a green-grey color that is often used to describe pale jade-colored pottery.


Names That Mean Green

For boys, there are so many excellent names that mean green that are inspired by colors. Cyan is another option (that will totally work for a baby girl as well), Though rare, this name describes a green-blue color that’s just perfect.


Names That Mean Green

Florian is currently enjoying widespread popularity across Europe. Unfortunately, it’s rarely heard in the US. That was not always the case! It was mildly popular for boys prior to the 1930s, and we really want it to make a comeback. Florian is a name of Latin origin that means “flowering.”


Names That Mean Green

Irving feels like a name that could be dusted off and put to good use for a baby boy born today. Irving is a name that originated in Scotland and means “green river” and “sea friend.” The name fizzled out in terms of popularity by the early aughts. Help shine a light back on it!


Names That Mean Green

All the nature names are on the rise today. That includes the offbeat choice Leaf. While it’s only just started to trend, the name does have one famous namesake that you probably never knew about. According to Nameberry, Joaquin Phoenix was formerly named Leaf! We’re sad he parted ways with it!


Names That Mean Green

You don’t have to use the Lyndon spelling, and we actually recommend that you go with the more traditional Linden, which means “from the Linden tree hills.” Linden trees are gorgeously green and have flowers that attract bees that make the most delicious honey.


Names That Mean Green

Moss is a name of English origin that means “son of Moses” or “descendent of Moses.” We love it as one of the names that mean green, as a reference to a gorgeous carpet of Moss. Moss is rare as a given name today, but you can easily help change that.


Names That Mean Green

Some traditional Irish names present a challenge when it comes to spelling versus pronunciation. To say this one correctly, pronounce it O-rawn. You can also use the Anglicized spelling Oran! Odhran names an ancient Irish saint, but despite that fact, it’s one of the most popular names for boys in Ireland today. It means “little pale green one.”


Names That Mean Green

Olivier is the French form of Oliver and means “olive tree.” It’s always been a rare choice in the US, but it is red-hot in many countries in the EU as well as the UK.


Names That Mean Green

If Leaf felt a little too granola-chewing, try Phyllon. This sophisticated-sounding name is of Greek origin and means “leaf.” It’s a rare pick today and has gone virtually unused in the US. We feel it has so much potential and could be the next Dylan.


Names That Mean Green

Teal is a unisex color name that refers to greenish blue. It also names a wild duck that displays the color in a unique pattern across its face. Teal is rare for both girls and boys, but its gentle sound certainly appeals to us.


Names That Mean Green

Vardon is a unique name of French origin that means “small green hill.” This name is rare even in its native France, making it a most inspired choice.


Names That Mean Green

Verdi is an Italian name from Latin that means “green.” You likely associate it with the composer who is famed for his romantic operas. Giuseppe Verdi makes for a winning namesake here.

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Names That Mean Green

Viridius names a pagan god that was popularized during the time Britain became ruled over by the ancient Romans. It simply means “green.” Emphasis goes on the second syllable here, like vih-RID-ee-us. This name will need to be yanked from ancient scrolls as it is virtually unknown by many today.

We hope this list has provided you with some inspiration as you embark on the exciting journey of choosing a name for your little one. Whether you opt for a classic name with a green meaning or a more unique and modern option, we’re sure your child’s name will be as special and beautiful as they are. Congratulations on this new chapter in your life, and we wish you all the best in your parenthood journey!

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