26 Catchy Names That Mean Hunt for Girls and Boys

Hunting is an integral part of life for many animals on the planet and aquatic life in the sea. It’s such an ingrained aspect of humanity that many names that mean hunt have been used for generations. There are many reasons new parents are searching for names that mean hunt but key among them is that they have strong sounds and winning meanings. Finding a starting place for your baby name journey can be tricky, but if you know the meaning you want, you can tremendously narrow down the possibilities.

We decided to round up dozens of baby names that mean hunt to help you discover some awesome possibilities for your baby girl or boy. From ancient mythological names to appellations with a meaning that pertains to hunting, we have some inspired suggestions to share with you. We kick off the list with names for girls and then boys, but be sure to look through all of them because some options are gender-neutral. Happy baby name hunting!

Girls Names That Mean Hunt


Names That Mean Hunt

Artemis can be considered a unisex name, but the figure from Greek mythology was feminine. She is the goddess of the hunt, animals, and childbirth. This unique option is starting to trend in the US after landing in the top 1000 most popular names for girls for the first time in 2020.


Names That Mean Hunt

Atalanta is a hero from Greek mythology who is closely associated with Artemis. In fact, she modeled herself after the deity and was famed for her hunting and fighting capabilities. While the meaning of Artemis is unknown, Atalanta is taken to mean “of equal weight.”


Names That Mean Hunt

Bendis is yet another figure from Greek mythology; she is one of the daughters of Zeus who was turned into a goose before returning to human form. Bendis holds dominion over hunting and the moon. The Greek root can be translated as “to bind,” a reference to the goddess’ ability to tame wild animals, or “catching,” which refers to her being a huntress. It’s one of the most colorful names that mean hunt for girls.


Names That Mean Hunt

In the 1990s, Brielle emerged as a popular choice for baby girls, and it rests just outside the top 100 most popular names for girls in the latest batch of data. Brielle is a name of French origin that means “hunting grounds.”


Names That Mean Hunt

Chace is one of the unisex names that mean hunt that will fit any baby. It’s a spelling variation of Chase that is of French origin and means “to hunt.” Chace is currently more popular for boys than girls, but we love this spelling for daughters.


Names That Mean Hunt

After a couple of French names that mean hunt, we’re back to Greek. Cyrene is a name from Greek mythology that belonged to one of Apollo’s favorite nymphs. She was a renowned huntress. The root of this appellation means “ultimate power.” Not bad, right?


Names That Mean Hunt

Dali is considered a short form of Dalia for many American parents, but there’s much more to this name. It was used for a deity in Georgian mythology, the hunting goddess. According to Nameberry, the Georgian root translates to “demon” or “god.” We’ll take the latter, thank you.


Names That Mean Hunt

Devana is a Slavic appellation belonging to a goddess worshipped by the Western Slavs who controlled hunting, wild animals, and the moon. Sheis is essentially the Slavic answer to the Greeks’ Artemis and the Romans’ Diana. The meaning of this name is disputed, but it could be “burning sky” or “nine.”


Names That Mean Hunt

Diana is one of the most popular names that mean hunt for girls of all time. Diana is a Latin name for the Roman goddess associated with the moon, virginity, and hunting. Her name means “divine,” and we think the name also sounds like it.


Names That Mean Hunt

No, this name is not Anna with a Fi in front of it. Fianna, pronounced FEE-uh-nah, is a name of Irish origin that belonged to a band of warriors in Irish and Scottish mythology. The group spent most of their time in forests hunting wild game and raiding villages. This name means “soldiers of destiny,” and it is very popular in Northern Ireland today.


Names That Mean Hunt

Sedna is a name from Inuit mythology, and it’s one of our favorite names that mean hunt on this list. Sedna is a sea deity that holds dominion over the ocean and marine life and was worshipped by hunters. They believed by praying to Sedna, she would release whales and other animals for them to hunt. Sedna is taken to mean “mother of the sea.”


Names That Mean Hunt

Skadi is one of the most unique names that mean hunt for girls. It is derived from Old Norse and means “shadow” or “harm.” The goddess is associated with bowhunting, winter, skiing, and the mountains. A perfect option for a wintertime baby.

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Names That Mean Hunt

Winda is a name of Swahili origin, meaning “hunter.” It’s a rare name in the US, but we think that should change.

Boys Names That Mean Hunt


Names That Mean Hunt

Arawn is the Welsh lord of the realm of Annwn, the Otherworld. A great hunter and magician skilled in shapeshifting, this deity is a looming figure in Welsh mythology. The meaning of this name is disputed, but it is likely a Welsh form of the Hebrew name Aaron. Thus, the name means “exalted.”


Names That Mean Hunt

More often, names for boys are changed to become names for girls. There’s Paul to Paula, Peter to Petra, Robert to Roberta, etc. But Artemas is the rare name with a feminine root that’s been changed to fit boys. Artemas can mean “follower of Artemis,” “gift of Artemis,” or “goddess of the hunt.”


Names That Mean Hunt

While Chase and Chace are considered unisex options, Chasen has maintained a strictly masculine reputation. The name is of English origin, an occupational appellation, and means “hunter.”


Names That Mean Hunt

One of the names that mean hunt, which we think sounds great but understand that this could be an unpopular opinion, is Cocidius. Cocidius was worshipped in Britain in the Romano-British period. He is often equated with Mars, the god of war and hunting. Thus, this name is taken to mean “hunting god.”


Names That Mean Hunt

Herne The Hunter is a phantom hunter who haunts Windsor Great Park. He is probably a local manifestation of the Wild Huntsman myth known worldwide. Herne is derived from the Celtic name Ahearne, meaning “owner of horses.”


Names That Mean Hunt

Holter is an English name from German that means “hunter” or “guardian of the forest.” We encounter this name more often as a surname than a given one. But, we think it’s one of the names that mean hunt with untapped potential.


Names That Mean Hunt

Hunter is an English name that means exactly what you think it does. It’s a solid unisex option but is currently more popular among baby boys than girls. If you’re after the most straightforward names that mean hunt, this one is as easy as it gets.


Names That Mean Hunt

A bit of a mouthful but an established English name, Huntington means “hunter’s town.” There are several place Huntington names, including a beach in California and towns in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


Names That Mean Hunt

Another one of the unisex names that mean hunt, Huntley definitely turns up the cuteness. Currently, it is evenly split among baby girls and boys. It means “hunter’s meadow.”


Names That Mean Hunt

Jaecar is a rare name in the US today. It is of German origin and means “hunter.” It is closely related to Jaeger, which also means “hunter.”


Names That Mean Hunt

Odin is a name from Norse mythology that holds dominion over various things, from war to poetry. In the US, the appellation is newly popular. Odin is known for being the leader of the hunt and is famously pictured riding a horse and hunting in The Wild Hunt of Odin. The name means “god of chaos.”


Names That Mean Hunt

In Aztec mythology, Opochtli is the god of hunting and fishing. He is credited with inventing hunting apparatuses like the bird snare and net. This name is translated to “The Left.”

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Names That Mean Hunt

Legendary hunter Orion was a prominent figure in Greek mythology – he pursued the seven daughters of Atlas and was slain by the goddess Artemis. As a reward for his bravery, Zeus placed him as one of the brightest constellations in the night sky. Orion means “boundary.”

There you go! What did you think of these names that mean hunt? We hope you found some unique options to consider. We love mythology names, and those with associations with hunting are aplenty.

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