Old Money Baby Names Are Making a Comeback in a Big Way

Old money baby names are seeing a resurgence in popularity in recent years, with more and more parents opting for traditional, classic names that evoke a sense of elegance, sophistication, and generational wealth. Old money baby names often have a rich history and cultural significance, providing an opportunity for parents to create a connection to the past through their child’s name.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the trend of old money baby names and explore some of the most popular choices that new parents are turning to, perfect for those who want to bestow their child with an air of tradition and refinement in their name.

Old Money Baby Names for Girls


Old Money Baby Names

One of the most lavish flower names on the market, Amaryllis has so much more substance than names like Lily or Violet. Amaryllis is derived from a Greek route that means “sparkling.” As a unique option, we think this appellation sparkles for all the right reasons.


Old Money Baby Names

Antigone might seem like an old money name that’s out of touch, but we think the traditional nickname associated with the appellation makes it feel fresh. Tig is such an energetic and playful nickname for a girl today. In Greek mythology, Antigone is the compassionate daughter of Oedipus who aids him after he blinds himself.

The roots of this name give it the meaning “worthy of her parents.”


Old Money Baby Names

You will encounter the name Cressida in the UK far more often than in the US where it goes virtually unused. We think this name has so much potential not only because of the cute British nickname associated with it, Cressy, is as sweet as they come. Aside from its upper-crusty sound, Cressida has a Greek root that makes it perfect as an old money baby name; it means “gold.”


Old Money Baby Names

The name Delancey makes us want to do a dance-y. The name is of French origin, a name for a person “from Lancey.” Additionally, the name is gender-neutral and will fit for a baby boy just as well.


Old Money Baby Names

Another subtle unisex name, Ellery, was once considered a primarily masculine name but it has undergone a makeover becoming a suitable choice for baby girls as well. The name is of English origin and means “descendant of Hilary.”


Old Money Baby Names

Emeline is a French name that shares the same German root as Amelia. Thus, the name means “work” or “industrious.” If this name is giving you vintage vibes, it’s because it was once a popular name in the US but that has not been the case for over 100 years! Let’s bring this old money baby name back!


Old Money Baby Names

Most American parents prefer the Georgia form of this name but we think Georgina has something so special to it. It’s an English feminine form of George and we love the Gina ending which gives yet another nickname possibility to this name. Gina, Ginny, George, Georgie, and even Ina can all work here. The Greek root of the name means “farmer.”


Old Money Baby Names

Last popular in the late 19th century in the US, Honora is an old money baby name that should definitely be brought back. The name is of Latin origin and indeed means “woman of honor.” Nora makes for a fine nickname.


Old Money Baby Names

Many people take issue with the use of the name India as it points to Great Britain’s imperialist past. However, it’s been a popular choice in the US and across the UK for decades. The name means “from the Indus river.”


Old Money Baby Names

From Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus to Downton Abbey, Lavinia is a storied name with serious literary and pop culture credentials that have spanned centuries. The name is so old that it can be found in Roman mythology and its meaning refers to a place that no longer exists. Lavinia means “from Lavinium.” The preferred old money nickname tied to this given name is Vinnie.


Old Money Baby Names

Dashing Olympia has not been a popular choice in the US for over 100 years. We have no idea why this name has not gotten more play. It’s stately, beautiful, and strong. Olympia is derived from a Greek root that means “from Mount Olympus.” Adorable nickname Pia has a ring to it!


Old Money Baby Names

This prim and proper old money name has seriously been overlooked by American parents. But, there are signs that this is changing! It has long been a popular name in the UK and American parents are searching for it on baby name databases like Nameberry more than ever before. This floral-scented name means “first rose.”


Old Money Baby Names

After years of American parents thinking the name Pandora is a no-no, the tides are changing. Today, the name is given to dozens of baby girls each year in the US. It’s on the upward swing! Pandora is of course associated with the Greek myth, with a root that means “all gifted.”


Old Money Baby Names

Once given primarily to baby boys, trends have shifted, making this a name that’s going to mostly baby girls today. Romilly is a form of Romulus, a character associated with the creation myth of Rome. Thus, the name means “man of Rome.” American parents are catching on to this name and the potential for use of some of today’s hottest nicknames: Milly and Romy.

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Old Money Baby Names

Rosamund has been a name almost exclusively used in the UK but that’s starting to change thanks to actor Rosamund Pike‘s star power. Rosamund is a name from German and means “horse protector.” Nothing says “old money” like horses. As you might guess, the preferred nickname for it is Rosie.

Old Money Baby Names for Boys


Old Money Baby Names

Alistair finally ranked in the US top 1000 most popular names for boys in 2016 and it’s been slowly climbing ever since. We’re thrilled about it! Alistair is a name of Scottish origin, a form of the Greek name, Alexander. The root of this name means “defender of men.” This name also has notable alternative spellings that include Alasdair (which is closer to the Scottish form) and Alastair.


Old Money Baby Names

Photography lovers have long been in love with the name Ansel as the name belonged to the famed American landscape photographer Ansel Adams. A new generation is being introduced to the name by actor Ansel Elgort. It’s tracking to land in the US top 1000 for boys in the next year or two. The name is of German origin and means “divinely protected.”


Old Money Baby Names

Aurelian is a derivative of Aurelius, the name of a Roman Emperor. In ancient Rome, the name was associated with Marcus Aurelius, a Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 AD, the last of the “Five Good Emperors.” Aurelian is merely a softer form of the name that we prefer but go with Aurelius if it suits you. Aurelian means “the golden one.” Not bad for an old money name, right?


Old Money Baby Names

If you or your partner is named Benjamin, we’ve got the perfect old money baby name for you. This name of English origin means “Ben’s son.” Surprise! Benson first entered the top 500 most popular names for boys in 2014 and it’s been doing great ever since. As with Benedict and Benjamin, Benson is another vehicle to get you to the beloved nickname Ben.


Old Money Baby Names

Courtney is a unisex name that underwent a flip from boys to girls over the last few decades. We think naming a boy Courtney today would be a bold choice. The name is of French origin, meaning “from the court.”


Old Money Baby Names

Hale is another unisex baby name but it has gone almost exclusively to boys through the years. It’s an English name for someone “from the hollow.” Hale is commonly seen as a surname and we think it’s got tons of potential as a no-frills given name.


Old Money Baby Names

The thing about surnames becoming given names is that they are versatile and can work for any baby. Hutton is no exception. The name is of English from Scottish origin and means “ridge settlement.” This one is just beginning to bloom in the US as it is a perfect alternative to Hunter or Hudson.


Old Money Baby Names

Names for boys that start with Leo all sound strong and established. However, the old money one, Leopold, has not garnered the same amount of love as Leonardo, Leon, and just plain Leo. That makes it a distinguished choice. The name is Germanic and means “brave people.”


Old Money Baby Names

Lysander feels elaborate yet poetic. The name belonged to a celebrated Spartan naval commander and its Greek root means “liberator.” Hip young parents are turning to this one as an option and using the Sander nickname.


Old Money Baby Names

Orlando has been a mildly popular name for boys in the US for many years now. It’s a lyrical Italian form of the German name Roland, meaning “famed throughout the land.” However, this old money baby name is twice as popular as it is in the US. We think it can go on many more birth certificates here.


Old Money Baby Names

Do not let Piers Morgan ruin the name Piers for you. If you can’t get past the Morgan connection, go with Pierce instead. Both names come from a Greek root that means “rock.” We love this dusty old favorite for a baby boy born today.


Old Money Baby Names

Randolph was a mid-century mega-hit in the US spawning so many boys with the nickname Randy. We prefer the old money one, Dolph, but live your life. Randolph is a name with a compound German meaning “shield + wolf.”


Old Money Baby Names

Expect to hear the name Sinclair for boys on many playgrounds and in many parks in the coming years. American parents have started to turn to this brilliant option with literary heritage thanks to novelist Upton Sinclair. Sinclair is a unisex option of French origin, referring to a person “from St.Clair.”


Old Money Baby Names

Warren is one of America’s truly old money names as it has belonged to many politicians, including a president, to Hollywood royalty like Warren Beatty, and to one of the US’s wealthiest businessman, Warren Buffet. This is one of the few examples on this list that is more popular in the US than in the UK! Warren is an English name from French, meaning “keeper of the park.”

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Old Money Baby Names

Willard was once a powerful and popular baby name in the US. It has since fallen from fashion. But, we think parents might return to this classic. The name is of English origin from German and means “decisively brave.” You get to use Will without the William or lean into the old money nickname Willie.

There you go! Are these old money names too stuffy or just right? We hope you found some options that could be a good fit for your family. We love big names with tons of personality and each one of these really meets that criteria but remains tasteful. Happy baby name hunting!

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