Influencer and Plastic Surgery Fanatic, Oli London, Announces His Intent to Detransition Back to Male

British social media influencer, Oli London, is going to start the process of detransitioning back to a male. The 32-year-old has sparked a lot of controversy over the past couple of years after having dozens of surgeries in an attempt to look Korean – mimicking the look of celebrities. 

In fact, London has spent the past six months undergoing several surgeries – including a plan to have genital reassignment surgery, breast implants, and facial surgery to make himself look like Rosé from Blackpink (a K-Pop band). According to London, that process is coming to a halt. 

In a statement to E! News, London explained that he has already shaved his head ‘to become a man again’ and is using this time to spread awareness about the treatment of women in Iran – he’s auctioning off his hair and the proceeds are going towards ‘Iranian women’s charities.’

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“I have taken some time to truly reflect on being a woman and have realized it is simply not for me. However beautiful I felt with long hair and more feminine features I now want to go back to being my original self—a biological man,” said London, adding he was ‘temporarily satisfied.’

Now, London is ready to start a new chapter in his life – one that allows him to be more like himself. He also vowed to share the detransition process publicly with those who wish to follow. He hopes other people with a similar ‘obsession’ as him will see his story and learn from it. 

“I support all people and support the trans community and have experienced what it’s like to be trans and the hardships and social stigma they face on a daily basis. And I just want to share my detransition just to help others who may also be confused so that they don’t go through with a transition unless they are 100% certain it is right for them,” London explained. 

In closing, London expressed how excited he was to ‘live happily’ as himself again. He doesn’t have any plans to undergo anymore surgical procedures – adding that he has realized the ‘perfection’ he was chasing is ‘unattainable.’ We wish Oli the best of luck in his new journey.

Oli London Previously Had Surgery to Look Like Jimin From BTS

Influencer and Plastic Surgery Fanatic, Oli London, Announces His Intent to Detransition Back to Male
via Instagram (@londonoli)

Before Oli London began the process of looking like Rosé from Blackpink, he sent the internet in a craze over his obsession with Jimin. In all, he underwent 32 surgical procedures, which included everything from his nose to his eyes, eyebrows, temple, teeth, and even a facelift. 

London appeared on several plastic surgery television shows, including Hooked on the Look and Botched. Despite being British, he started to identify as Korean – which many people, including Koreans, took exception to. Nonetheless, he doubled down on his obsession. 

That is until earlier this year, when London issued a public apology to Jimin, BTS, the Korean community, and the many fans he angered over his procedures. “I will always love Jimin and admire him; however I am now taking accountability for my past behavior,” he said in the apology.

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Nonetheless, the British influencer still identified as ‘transracially’ Korean and eventually thought of a plan to undergo more surgeries – this time to look like Rosé, as explained above. There was even a time when he flirted with the possibility of using Hoshin as his ‘new Oppar.’

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