30 Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today and Have Winning Meanings

The Bible, with its rich tapestry of stories and characters, has been a timeless source of inspiration for parents seeking meaningful names for their children. These names often carry profound significance, imbued with virtues, values, and spiritual depth that transcend time.

In this exploration, we delve into thirty rare biblical baby names that, despite their ancient origins, resonate with a fresh, contemporary feel. Each of these names carries a winning meaning, offering not just a unique moniker for your child but also a powerful sentiment to guide them through life.

Rare Biblical Baby Names for Girls to Explore


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Atara is one of the most attractive Old Testament names that has yet to enjoy wide acclaim. The name is mentioned in the Book of Chronicles. The name can be found spelled as we have suggested or as Atarah. This Biblical baby name for girls with Hebrew origins means “crown.”


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Beulah was once a top 500 name in the US but has fallen in popularity since its glory days and has a decidedly retro sound today. We find that appealing. Biblical Beulah is a place, not a person, applied to the land of Israel by the prophet Isaiah. The land of Beulah has sometimes been viewed as a reference to heaven. Beulah began to be used as a given name in England at the time of the Reformation and was used by the seventeenth-century Puritans. This Hebrew name means “married.”


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

In the New Testament, Damaris was an Athenian woman converted to Christianity by St. Paul. Known for her charitable work, her name was a darling among the Puritans. Having fallen off the bottom of the top 1000 in 2012, Damaris might be worthy of more attention from parents in search of a New Testament name that is unusual but accessible. Damaris has Greek origins and means “dominant woman.”


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Elisheva was the original name of Aaron’s wife in the Book of Exodus. The name brings us a more popular option today, Elizabeth. Elisheva has never been popular in the US, but you will find it popular among Jews in Russia and Israel. This Hebrew name means “pledged to God.”


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Galilee is a highly significant place name, a vast region in northern Israel, the home of Jesus for at least thirty years of his life, and where he cured a blind man. The Sea of Galilee gets its name from the area. This Hebrew name is criminally underused and means “the province.”


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

This Hebrew name of Queen Esther is beloved in Israel, especially for girls born around the holiday of Purim. In the US, it is the name of a Zionist women’s charitable organization. Formerly considered hyper-religious, this name entered the top 1000 in 2007. Parents will find the nickname Haddie quite attractive. Hadassah is a Hebrew name that means “myrtle tree.”


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Though a few men named Havilah in the Bible, it’s also a Biblical place name that can be a unique choice for modern girls. The name for boys means “to dance,” which is lovely. But, as a place name, this Hebrew treasure means “stretch of sand.” We wish this name could find a home in the US today because it is lovely.


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Helah is a wife of Ashhur, father of Tekoa in the Old Testament of the Bible. This baby name for girls could be a perfect alternative to Hannah or Helen! Helah has Hebrew origins, meaning “rust” or “to pierce.”


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

A name perfect for a baby girl born around Palm Sunday, Hosanna might be the ideal offbeat choice for religious parents. “Hosanna blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” is a passage that comes to mind. Hosanna is often translated as “Please Save Us.” It is a Greek word “ὡσαννά” that most scholars believe is the transliteration of two Hebrew words- יָשַׁע- “yasha,” which means “to save or deliver” and אָנּאָ – “anna” which means “please, I beseech.” 


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

You can go about this fabulous name in a few different ways. You can spell it Jahel, Jael, Yael, or Ya’el. However you get there, this name is pronounced yah-ehl. It’s a popular gender-neutral option in Israel, meaning “mountain goat” or “to ascend.”


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

A rare Biblical name belonging to a niece of Abraham. Jescha means “to behold.” Jescha is thought to be the origin of the English name Jessica, which Shakespeare invented for a character in his 1596 play The Merchant of Venice. This name is also spelled Iscah, but neither it nor Jescha have ever been popular in the US.


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Juno is hot, June is showing signs of a comeback along with other month and day names, whereas Junia, the name of the first-century Christian referred to by the apostle Paul as an apostle, is yet to be discovered. Junia was once popular in the US in… 1883. It is definitely time to bring this gem, which means “born in June,” back!


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Mahala, sometimes spelled Mahalah, is the sister of Machir and daughter of Hammoleketh and identified as the granddaughter of Manasseh, Joseph’s first-born son. This name shares Hebrew and Arabic origins, meaning “tender.” How precious is that?


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Prisca is a New Testament name; it was Priscilla with whom the apostle Paul stayed while spreading the gospel in Corinth. It was common in the ancient Roman world and later was a favorite of the seventeenth-century Puritans. Prisca and Priscilla can be used interchangeably as they are two variations of the same name. Prisca has Latin origins and means “ancient.”

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Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Tirzah is one of Zelophehad’s five daughters. We have no idea why this charming and energetic name has never been adopted. Tirzah is pronounced teer-zah, so perhaps the “tear” sound is scaring new parents away. We love this Hebrew baby name that means “delight.” It means “delight,” folks.

Rare Biblical Baby Names for Boys to Consider


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

A masculine name from the Old Testament would likely be confused with the name Amy, so be ready to defend this one. This Biblical appellation deserves it. Ami is another name with Hebrew origins, meaning “trustworthy.” What’s not to love?


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Now that such Old Testament patriarchs as Elijah and Moses fill the classroom, Boaz seems downright baby-friendly, having more charisma than many others, perhaps as a successor to Noah. Boaz has not found favor in the US since the time of the pilgrims! We yearn for this offbeat name to return. Boaz is known as “the left pillar in the Temple.” This Hebrew Biblical name means “swiftness.”


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Buz is a name used in the Old Testament and a variation of Buzz. We love this zippy Biblical name even though it has a meaning that might be undesirable for some parents. Buz’s Hebrew origins mean “contempt.” However, we do not have any disdain for this appellation.


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

A potential hero name can be found in Crispus as it was borne by Crispus Attucks, an African and Native American man who was the first colonist to die for independence in the Boston Massacre. This stately name has Latin origins and means “curly-haired.”


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Biblical Eder is the son of Mushi. The name has Basque origins and an intriguing meaning of “handsome.” This name is pronounced ED-er. Today, you will primarily find this name in Spanish-speaking communities, so it could be a great way to honor your heritage.


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Elam is the name of at least eight Old Testament figures. The most notable was a grandson of Noah whose followers were dubbed the Elamites. Elam has Hebrew origins and means “distant.” This makes its meaning appropriate as this name has not been in the US top 1000 since 1898!


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Attractive Gaius, pronounced GUY-us, was in the name of many ancient Romans, including Julius Caesar. Little used before 2000, it now feels like a fresh possibility in the revival of Latin boys’ names like Atticus and Cassius. This gleeful Latin choice means “to rejoice.”


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Abraham’s older brother in the Old Testament, Haran, enjoyed this elegant name. Haran has Hebrew origins and means “mountain.” This name would be a welcome alternative to Aaron or Ryan.


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

The name of the tenth king of Israel is pronounced Ye-hu, but most English speakers wouldn’t necessarily know that. He seized power violently and reigned from about 841 to 814 BCE. Despite that unsavory connection, the name Jehu would be a fantastic option. This Hebrew Biblical name means “God is He.”


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

An Old Testament name used by the Puritans, Laban, is scarcely heard today. This unique Hebrew name means “white.” Laban is the Biblical father of Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah and the father-in-law of Jacob. Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah are massively popular, so it’s wild that Laban has never caught on.


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Nebo is considered the ancestor of some who returned to Judah with Zerubbabel. Nebo belongs to a Babylonian mythological figure who was the god of letters and invented writing. This name also belongs to a couple of Biblical places. Nebo has Babylonian origins that mean “to announce” or “prophetic.”


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

Old Testament name of a king of Israel, related to the harvest. Thus, this name means “my sheaf.” Omri is a very handsome name currently popular in Israel, and we wish it would catch on in the US. It’s the perfect alternative to Emery.


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

The name Shem is a boy’s name of Hebrew, Yiddish origin meaning “name.” Shem is the name of one of Noah’s sons, his eldest. This blunt name could be perfect for parents looking for a casual-sounding moniker.


Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

The Biblical Zerah is related to such names as Zora, which also means “dawn.” While the vowel sound at the end of the name does not sound as feminine to our modern ear as it once did, thanks to such popular choices as Noah and Joshua. Zerah has the attractive Z-sound that many parents are after today. This name appears dozens of times in the Bible.

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Rare Biblical Names That Sound Fresh Today

This unusual and energetic Biblical name was one of the Kings of Israel and one of Judah’s grandsons and had tremendous meaning. Pronounced ZIM-ree, this Hebrew name means “my music, my praise.” We do love this one and hope new parents pick it up!

The thirty biblical names we’ve explored hold a powerful blend of rarity, contemporary appeal, and profound meaning. Whether you’re expecting a new arrival, writing a novel, or are fascinated by the rich fabric of biblical appellations, we hope you found inspiration in these unique monikers. After all, a name is not merely an identifier but a gift o

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