250 Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

There is a special sort of excitement in learning that someone who goes by Vicky is not actually a Victoria but is something far rarer like Devika. There are plenty of rare girl names out there that come with pretty common nicknames. As a parent, you can get the best of both worlds with a popular nickname and a rare full name combination. It’s also great for your baby girl as she will be able to offer a simple, clear appellation she wishes to be called as opposed to the very rare name you have given her.

If this is something that sounds appealing to you, we’ve got 50 nicknames that are pretty well-known that can be applied to over 250 rare girl names. Yes, we’ve done the hard part for you by discovering all of the super unique names that can easily be transformed into a stellar nickname that is very user-friendly! Take a look and get some baby name inspiration for your little girl on the way!

Discover the Best Nicknames for Rare Girl Names Below:


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Abby is an evergreen favorite of a nickname for Abigail. That’s not the only name it can be used with. Others include: Abilene, Abra, Arabella, Rahab, Zainab.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Addie is a great nickname that is usually used for Addison or Adeline. But those names don’t get to have all the Addie fun. Other girl names you can use Addie for include: Adelia, Adrielly, Ariadne, Cariad, Zenaida.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Allie is not just for Allison. There are so many other great girl names you can use it for instead. They include:  Alaska, Allegra, Citlali, Opal, Rosalie.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Andi is a great nickname that can be considered a unisex choice as it is applied for both Andrea and Andrew. But, you can get a little weirder with it by using one of these names instead: Andromeda, Anadelia, Fernanda, Holland, Leandra.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Annie is not just for the Annes of this world. Other names that Annie can work for include: Anastasia, Anahita, Diana, Ianthe, Stefania.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Bee is a catch-all style of nickname but most folks associate it with Beatrice. You can do better than that with rare girl names like Beata, Bettony, Deborah, Phoebe, Ruby.

Bella or Belle

Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Belle or Bella are nicknames usually associated with Isabel or Isabella. Those are not the only possibilities! Other rare girl names that can use this nickname include Bellamy, Campbell, Ishbel, Mabel, Mirabel.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Billie is a great name for girls on its own but it can also be short for a number of rare girl names. These include Bilqis, Jubilee, Nabila, Sybil, Wilhelmina.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Bo is just a darling nickname as it sounds like what you top a gift with. The nickname is usually associated with Bonnie but other possibilities include rare girl names like Boheme, Boston, Bowie, Isabeau, Rainbow.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Callie is commonly put to use as a nickname for Caroline but other rare girl names can also handle it. Callahan, Calliope, Callista, Clarissa, Kalani are also fantastic options that are completely out of the box.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Not just for Cassandra, Cassie is a nickname that can be used for the following rare girl names: Cassia, Cassiopeia, Charis, Dorcas, Lucasta.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Edie has got to be one of the cutest nicknames of all time. While it is usually used for Edith, the nickname will also work for Benedicta, Eden, Enid, Frederica, Meredith.

Ella, Ellie, or Elle

Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Ella, Ellie, and Elle are all common nicknames for the most popular girl names that start with E. Think names like Elizabeth, Eloise, etc. But, those names are not the only vehicle to get you to one of these nicknames. Rare girl names that they will work for include Aurelia, Ellery, Elowen, Noelle, Yareli.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

A nickname commonly used for Elizabeth, Elsie can be a short form of the following rare girl names as well Demelza, Eloise, Elspeth, Elysia, Felicity.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Emmy is the most popular nickname for the name Emily but there are other options out there that could work with it as well. Anemone, Clementine, Embla, Emerald, Emmanuelle are some more unique options to consider.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Etta is such an amazing nickname and any little girl would be lucky to get. It has been used in England and Scotland for centuries as a short form of Henrietta. However, there are other possibilities in Colette, Estelle, Harriet, Hester, Scarlett.

Eva or Evie

Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

While these two nicknames are generally used for Eves and Evelyns you can venture off of the beaten path with rare girl names like Evadne, Geneva, Niamh, Reverie, Yvaine.

Fran or Frankie

Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

These typical nicknames for Frances take on new life when applied to more adventurous names like Francine, Franka, Franklin, Saffron, Sophronia.

Gia or Gigi

Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Gia and Gigi have classically been used for George (technically a unisex name) or Georgia. You can get these desirable nicknames to also go with Genesis, Georgiana, Giovanna, Ginevra, Pelagia.

Haddie or Hattie

Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Haddie and Hattie have been used as nicknames for Harriet since medieval times! However, you can buck that long tradition by using it for Behati, Hadriana, Harvest, Hathaway, Hyacinth.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Another nickname that’s been used for a very, very long time in England is Hallie where it is usually given to girls names Harriet. That is not a rule though! Other rare girl names to use instead are Hallelujah, Halliday, Halston, Harlow, Mahala.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

The standard nickname for Isobel is Izzy. It’s cute and spunky and very attractive to parents. If you’d like a name that really stands out, use it for Isadora, Ismay, Ismene, Izumi, Louisa.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Josie is not just a nickname for Josephine. Use it for Jocasta, Jocelyn, Josette, Journey, Rejoice as well.

Kate or Katie

Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

There are plenty of nicknames for Katherine so we are not doing it a disservice by suggesting you use Kate or Katie for Cadence, Cataleya, Catesby, Ekaterina, Kateri as well.

Lena or Lina

Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

A common choice for girls named Helena, Lena or Lina are pretty common nicknames. But, you can choose a less worn name. Other options for Lena or Lina include Adeline, Leonora, Linnea, Magdalena, Selena, Paulina.

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Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Lily is a flowery nickname that is used for a lot of girl names. Some of the rare possibilities are Amaryllis, Delilah, Galilee, Lilibet, Lilinoe.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Don’t let Olivia have all the fun with the cherished nickname Liv. Use for Livia, Lively, Livingston, Olivine, Sullivan as well.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

There are approximately 10,000 different nicknames for Elizabeth out there. Lizzie is a great one but we prefer it used for Adeliza, Elise, Felizia, Lisette, Polyxena.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Lottie feels like a vintage nickname for Charlotte. But this sweet nickname can also be applied to girls named Carlotta, Clotilde, Elliot, Loretta, Pilot.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

You can also use Maddie for Amadea, Maddox, Madigan, Madrigal, Marjorie. Madeline is not the only option.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Maggie is such a warm nickname that it’s no surprise that you might want to pick for your daughter. If Margaret is not doing it for you, go with Magnolia, Maguire, Mairead, Margot, Marigold.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Maisie is a Scottish short form of the names Margaret or Mary. They do not get to have all the fun, however.  Esme, Mason, Mazikeen, Meilani, Thomasina are also wonderful options.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Mia is a standalone name but it can be used as a nickname as well. Some of the more colorful options to use it for include Emiliana, Hermia, Miamor, Miriam, Noemia.

Millie or Mila

Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Millie feels old-fashioned because it is commonly used for the “grandma name,” Mildred. Put Millie or Mila to good use for these names as well: Camilla, Ludmila, Milan, Mireille, Vermilion.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Molly is commonly used for a variety of names that start with M including Mary and Martha. Other possibilities include Amalia, Kamala, Malka, Marlowe, Romola.

Nell or Nellie

Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Helen or Eleanor commonly get the nicknames Nell or Nellie. You can also use them for Annelise, Endellion, Fenella, Helena, Penelope.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Nina is used for a few different names that have that “-nina” ending. Some of the more offbeat ones include Angelina, Clementina, Eponine, Penina, Valentina.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Nora is typically used for Eleanor but other distinct options include Eleanora, Elsinore, Gwenora, Honor, North.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Penelope is a bit of a mouthful so it is no shock that folks have used Penny for it for decades. Another way to go is with one of these rare girl names: Aspen, Pennington, Penrose, Spencer, Tuppence.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Pippa is a popular standalone name in the UK but it is much more polarizing in the US. If you like the nickname which gets used for Phillipa often, try it for Epiphany, Olympia, Persephone, Phyllis, Primrose as well.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Polly is actually used most for girls named Molly. If you want to go in a different direction, try Apollonia, Hippolyta, Leopoldine, Paloma, Polina.

Ren or Wren

Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Ren and Wren are used interchangeably for Lauren and Renee. Other possibilities for this nickname are Brenna, Laurentia, Reagan, Renata, Serenity.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Romy is a delightful nickname that is typically given to girls named Rosemary. Other names to also consider are Andromache, Hiromi, Promise, Romola, Rosamund.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

You will hear Rory used most often for girls named Aurora. But, there are more rare girl names to try it with. Aurora, Dolores, Floriana, Rosemary, Roxana all sound like winners to us.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Not just a nickname for Rose, Rosie can also be used for Ambrosia, Generosity, Primrose, Rosalind, Rozina. Aren’t those some fun options?


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Sadie is a standalone name of Hebrew origin that is related to Sara. But, you can use it as a nickname for the following rare girl names: Elysee, Mercedes, Sadira, Sarita, Seraphina.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Thea has been used for centuries as a nickname for Theodora. Some rare girl names that it also works for are Amalthea, Anthea, Philothea, Theodosia, Theophania.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Tilly might seem like it will only work for Matilda but think again! Tilly also can be applied to Chantilly, Domitilla, Tilden, Tyler, Ottilie.


Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Winnie is a traditional Welsh nickname that is used for all sorts of Welsh names like Edwina. Some rare girl names to also use Winnie with include Baldwin, Guinevere, Winona, Winslet, Winsome.

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Rare Girl Names With Popular Nicknames

Vivi is a nickname that you do not hear too terribly often but when you do, it is typically for a girl named Vivian. Other names to use with Vivi with are Aviva, Genevieve, Octavia, Sylvia, Viveka.

If you enjoyed learning about these rare girl names with popular nicknames, keep reading for even more nickname inspiration. These baby girl names come with the most thrilling shortened forms.

Cute Nicknames for Girls

A & B Girl Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Abigail – Nicknames: Abbie, Abby, Gale, Gail. Name meaning: “father’s joy.”
  • Addison – Nicknames: Add, Addie, Di. Meaning: “son of Adam.”
  • Alexandra – Nicknames: Al, Alex, Alexa, Allie, Ally, Andie, Lex, Lexa, Lexie, Sandra, Sandie, Sandy. Name meaning: “defending men.”
  • Anastasia – Nicknames: Ana, Stasia, Sia, Stas. Meaning: “resurrection.”
  • Andrea – Nicknames: Andie, Drea. Meaning: “strong and manly”
  • Bethany – Nicknames: Annie, Betty, Beth, Effie, Bethel. Name meaning: “house of figs.”
  • Brinleigh – Nicknames: Brin, Leigh, Lee. Name meaning: “burnt meadow.”
  • Brooklyn – Nicknames: Brook, Lyn. Meaning: “marshland.”

C & D Girl Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Camilla – Nicknames: Cam, Cammie, Milla, Lala. Meaning: “young ceremonial attendent.”
  • Catherine – Nicknames: Cat, Cate, Cathy, Catie, Kit, Kitty. Name meaning: “pure.”
  • Charlotte – Nicknames: Char, Charlie, Lola, Lottie. Name meaning: “free man” and “petite.”
  • Caroline – Nicknames: Carol, Carrie, Cally, Caro. Meaning: “free man.”
  • Danielle – Nicknames: Danni, Dani, Nani, Elle. Name meaning: “God is my judge.”
  • Delaney – Nicknames: Del, Lane, Laney, Deli, Dela, Laina. Meaning: “dark challenger.”
  • Delilah – Nicknames: Deli, Lilah, Lah, Lily, Lala. Meaning: “delicate.”
  • Desiree – Nicknames: Des, Desi, Dez, Rae, Dezi. Name meaning: “desired.”

E & F Girl Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Eleanor – Cute nicknames: Ellen, Nora, Elle, Elly, Elle, Nori, Nell. Name meaning: “bright, shining one.”
  • Elizabeth – Nicknames: Beth, Eli, Liz, Liza, Ellie, Lizzi, Bette, Betty, Betsy. Meaning: “pledged to God.”
  • Emerson – Cute nicknames: Em, Emi, Emmie, Emery. Meaning: “son of Emery.”
  • Esmeralda – Nicknames: Em, Emmie, Esma, Esmie, Ezzie. Meaning: “emerald.”
  • Evangeline – Evy, Eva, Van, Vanga, Eve, Lina, Angie, Ella, Ellie. Meaning: “bearer of good news.”
  • Evelyn – Nicknames: Eve, Lynn, Eva, Evie. Name meaning: “desired.”
  • Florence – Nicknames: Flor, Flo, Florie, Lo. Name meaning: “blossoming.”
  • Francesca – Nicknames: Fran, Frannie, Frankie, Cesca, Francine. Name meaning: “free man.”

G & H Girl Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Gabriella – Cute nicknames: Gab, Gabby, Gabs, Brielle, Briella, Ella, Elle. Name meaning: “God is my strength.”
  • Genevieve – Nicknames: Genna, Eve, Evie, Ginny, Gemma, Viv, Vivi, Vivvie, Genie, Ginger. Meaning: “tribe woman.”
  • Georgina – Nicknames: George, Georgie, Gina, Gigi, Gi, Ginny. Meaning: “farmer.”
  • Gracelynn – Nicknames: Gracie, Grace, Lyn, Lynn. Meaning: “grace” + “lake.”
  • Guadalupe – Nicknames: Lupe, Lupita, Gudalup, Lulu. Meaning: “hidden river” and “valley of the wolves.”
  • Gwendolyn – Nicknames: Gwen, Gwennie, Winnie, Wendy, Lyn. Name meaning: “fair.”
  • Helena – Cute nicknames: Helen, Lena, Lennie. Name meaning: “bright, shining one.”
  • Henrietta – Nicknames: Etta, Ettie, Hattie. Name meaning: “estate ruler.”

I & J Girl Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Imogen – Cute nicknames: Mo, Genny, Gen, Momo. Name meaning: “maiden.”
  • Isabella – Nicknames: Bella, Belle, Izzy. Name meaning: “pledged to God.”
  • Jamila – Nicknames: Mila, Jam, Milly, Mila, Jammie, La. Meaning: “beautiful.”
  • Jacqueline – Nicknames: Jack, Jackie, Line, Lina. Meaning: “supplanter.”
  • Jasmine – Nicknames: Jas, Mina, Jazzy, Minnie. Name meaning: “jasmine” and “gift of God.”
  • Jennifer – Nicknames: Jeffie, Jen, Jeni, Jenn, Jenne, Jennee, Jenni, Jennie, Jenny. Meaning: “white shadow.”
  • Josephine – Nicknames: Jo, Josie, Jojo, Fifi. Name meaning: “God will increase.”
  • Juliana – Cute nicknames: Julia, Julie, Judy, Jules, Ana, Lee. Meaning: “youthful.”

K & L Girl Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Katherine – Kat, Kit, Kate, Kathy, Kittie, Kae. Meaning: “pure.”
  • Kendall – Cute nicknames: Dolly, Kenny, Ken, Kay, Doll. Name meaning: “royal valley.”
  • Kimberly – Nicknames: Kim, Kimmy, Kimber, Kiki. Name meaning: “from the royal forest.”
  • Kinsley – Nicknames: Kin, Kins, Kinzie, Kenny, Sley, Lay. Meaning: “king’s meadow.”
  • Leighton – Cute nicknames: Leigh, Layton, Lei, Lei Lei, Toni. Meaning: “meadow town.”
  • Leilani – Nicknames: lani, Leila, Nani, Lei, Nee. Meaning: “heavenly flower.”  
  • Liliana – Nicknames: Lil, Lila, Ana, Lily, Lana. Name meaning: “little lily.”
  • Luciana – Nicknames: Luci, Lucy, Ana, Lulu. Name meaning: “light.”

M & N Girl Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Mackenzie – Cute nicknames: Mac, Kenzie, Macey, Kenz. Name meaning: “comely” and “child of the wise leader.”
  • Madison – Nicknames: Maddie, Mad, Mads, Madis. Meaning: “son of Matthew.”
  • Madeline – Nicknames: Maddie, Deli, Del, Mad, Mads, Line, Mada. Meaning: “high tower.”
  • Magdalena – Nicknames: Maggie, Magda, Lena. Name meaning: “of Magdala.”
  • Margaret – Nicknames: Greta, Margot, Maggie, Maisie, Marge, Margie, Margo, May, Meg, Molly, Peg, Peggy. Name meaning: “bitter” and “pearl.”
  • Michelle – Chele, Chelle, Chellie, Micki, Midge, Mikki, Mich. Meaning: “who resembles God.”
  • Natalie – Nat, Talie, Tal, Nattie, Nelly, Talie. Meaning: “Christmas”
  • Nicolette – Nicknames: Nicole, Niki, Nika, Nic, Colette. Name meaning: “victory of the people.”

O & P Girl Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Oakleigh – Nicknames: Oak, Oaky, Leigh, Okie Dokie. Meaning: “oak clearing.”
  • Octavia – Cute nicknames: Ava, Avie, Avia, Tav, Tavi. Name meaning: “eighth.”
  • Olivia – Nicknames: Livia, Liv, Livvie, Ollie, Olive. Name meaning: “olive tree.”
  • Patricia – Nicknames: Pat, Patty, Patsy, Tricia, Trish. Name meaning: “noble.”
  • Paulina – Nicknames: Pauli, Pollie, Polly, Lina. Name meaning: “small.”
  • Penelope – Cute nicknames: Pen, Penny, Nelly, Poppy, Nell. Meaning: “weaver.”
  • Persephone -Nicknames: Persy, Seph, Sephy, Effie, Perri. Meaning: “butcher.”
  • Primrose – Nicknames: Prim, Primy, Pri, Rose, Rosie. Meaning: “first rose.”

R & S Girl Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Rebecca – Cute nicknames: Reba, Becca, Becky, Becks. Name meaning: “to join.”
  • Rosalie – Nicknames: Rosa, Rose, Rosie, Sally. Name meaning: “rose.”
  • Rosemary – Nicknames: Ro, Romy, Rosie, Rose, Mary, Ree. Meaning: “dew of the sea.”
  • Sabrina – Nicknames: Bree, Breena, Sabi. Name meaning: “from the Severn River.”
  • Scarlett – Nicknames: Ska, Red, Scar, Lottie, Carla, Ettie. Meaning: “deep red.”
  • Sidney – Nicknames: Syd, Syddi, Syddie, Ney, Nelly. Meaning: “Saint-Denis”
  • Sophia – Nicknames: Fifi, Phia, Soph, Sophie. Name meaning: “wise.”
  • Stephanie – Cute nicknames: Steph, Stephie, Fanny, Nie. Meaning: “garland.”

T & V Girl Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Tabitha – Nicknames: Tab, Tabbi, Tabby, Tabbie, Tabi, Tabs, Bit. Meaning: “gazelle.”
  • Tatiana – Cute nicknames: Tanya, Tati, Taty, Tiana. Name meaning: “fairy queen.”
  • Theresa – Nicknames:  Tess, Resa, Tessa, Thea, Resi, Teddy, Ther. Meaning: “to harvest.”
  • Tiffany – Nicknames: Tiff, Tia, Tiffy. Name meaning: “revelation of God.”
  • Valentina – Nicknames: Val, Tina, Vina. Name meaning: “vitality.”
  • Vanessa – Cute nicknames: Van, Nessa, Vany, Essa, Essie, Nessie, Ness. Meaning: an invented name by Jonathan Swift.
  • Veronica – Nicknames: Roni, Ronna, Ronnee, Ronni, Ronnie, Ronny, Vonnie, Vera, Ver. Meaning: “bringer of victory.”
  • Victoria – Nicknames: Tori, Toria, Ria, Vicky, Vic, Vicks. Name meaning: “victorious.”

W, Y & Z Girl Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Whitney – Nicknames: Whit, Whittie, Whitzie, Nee. Meaning: “white island.”
  • Wilhelmina – Cute nicknames: Willa, Will, Willy, Mina. Name meaning: “resolute protector.”
  • Winifred – Nicknames: Win, Winni, Freddie. Name meaning: “fair.”
  • Yasmine – Nicknames: Yaz, Yazzy, Mine, Mina. Meaning: “jasmine.”
  • Yvonne – Nicknames: Eve, Evee, Evie, Vonna, Vonnie. Name meaning: “yew.”
  • Zaidee – Nicknames: Zai, Dee, Aidy. Name meaning: “splendor.”
  • Zariyah – Zar, Zari, Ria, Yah, Ri. Meaning: “scattered wind.”
  • Zendaya – Zen, Zennie, Daya, Zendie, Day, Ya. Meaning: “to give thanks.”

Unisex Cute Nicknames

A – G Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Addison – Cute nicknames: Addy, Addie. Name meaning: “son of Adam.”
  • Adrian – Cute nicknames: Addie, Ad, Rian, Ri. Meaning: “from Adria.”
  • Amari – Nicknames: Am, Mar, Mari, Amy, Ama, Ree. Meaning: “immortal.”
  • Braden – Nicknames: Brady, Brade, Den, Aden. Name meaning: “broad valley.”
  • Cameron – Nicknames: Cami, Cam, Cammy, Ron. Name meaning: “crooked nose.”
  • Easton – Nicknames: East, Ton, Toni, Essie. Meaning: “eastern town.”
  • Emerson – Nicknames: Em, Emery, Emmy, Son, Sonny. Name meaning: “son of Emery.”
  • Garnet – Nicknames: Gar, Garth, Net, Red, Garn, Gary, Nettie. Meaning: “pomegranate.”

H – Q Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Harper – Cute nicknames: Harp, Harpi, Perry, Harry. Meaning: “harp player.”
  • Jaden – Cute nicknames: Jade, Jadey, Jay. Name meaning: “God has heard.”
  • Jordan – Nicknames: Jor, Dan, Jordie, Danny, Jo. Meaning: “flowing down.”
  • Kennedy – Cute nicknames: Ken, Kenny, Dee, Ned, Edi. Meaning: “misshapen head.”
  • Madison – Nicknames: Maddy, Mads, Madis, Dee. Name meaning: “son of Matthew.”
  • Morgan – Nicknames: Morgie, Morgs, Mo, Momo, Morgz, More. Meaning: “sea-born.”
  • Paisley – Nicknames: Pai, Paisy, Pais, Lee. Name meaning: “church.”
  • Quincy – Nicknames: Quinn, Quinny, Quince, Cee. Name meaning: “fifth.”

R – Z Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Reagan – Nicknames: Rea Rea, Ray, Rae, Reags, Reaggie. Meaning: “little king.”
  • Riley – Cute nicknames: Ry, Ryry, Lee. Name meaning: “wood clearing.”
  • Rowan – Nicknames: Ro, Row, Roro, Owan, Wan. Name meaning: “little red one.”
  • Sawyer – Nicknames: Sy, Saw, Sawly, Sully, Sayer, SawSaw. Meaning: “woodcutter.”
  • Skylar – Nicknames: Sky, Ky, Lar. Name meaning: “scholar.”
  • Spencer – Cute nicknames: Spence, Spency, Spen, Penny. Meaning: “house steward.”
  • Taylor – Nicknames: Tay, Taytay, Taybay, Lorie. Meaning: “tailor.”
  • Teagan – Nicknames: Tea, Eagan, Teag. Name meaning: “poet.”

There you go! What did you think of these baby appellations with cute nicknames? We hope they inspired you and gave you food for thought on your baby girl name search. After all, most of us will use a nickname for our children more than their proper name so it’s only logical to consider what nickname you will use for your sweet baby girl. Happy baby name hunting!

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