Reese Witherspoon Applauds Daughter Ava After She Slams Bodyshamers Online

Reese Witherspoon is giving her daughter a stamp of approval after Ava Phillippe called out people on the internet who comment on her body.

It’s astonishing just how much Ava looks like her famous mom, Reese. The mother-daughter pair are rather close. But as Ava gets older, she’s starting to make a name for herself.

Now that Ava has a fairly large social media presence, she’s unfortunately dealing with the negative aspects of that as well. In a new TikTok video, Ava slammed people who have the audacity to comment on her body.


Pretty is as pretty does, babes…& bodyshaming is simply toxic behavior. ???? #loveyouasyouare (P.S. I put “woman” because I see this type of thing happening disproportionately to young girls & women, but let me be clear; bodyshaming is toxic no matter who the subject is. We all deserve to feel safe & at peace in the vessel we live in.)

♬ Just A Girl (From “Clueless”) – Soundtrack Wonder Band

“No big deal,” Ava wrote, “but I just achieved a major milestone as a woman online.”

As Ava stood in her bathroom in an oversized t-shirt, she looked away from the camera as she explained, “I saw two different strangers commenting on my body.”

“The first said I should get on Ozempic because I’m too fat,” she continued. “The second accused me of starving myself because I’m too thin. My weight did not change in the time period between their comments.”

With No Doubts’ Just A Girl playing in the background, Ava grabbed her red lipstick and let everyone know her body is not here for them to comment on.

“And it wouldn’t be any of their business if it did,” Ava added. “It’s such bull.”

As Ava walked off camera, she continued, saying, “No one deserves to be picked apart for what they look like. You don’t always know what someone’s gone through or what they struggle with.”

The impressive young woman then shared a message to everyone out there. “But no matter who you are, your beauty exceeds such superficial measures.”

Reese took to the comment section of her daughter’s post to give it her stamp of approval. “Yes to all of this,” the actress wrote.

“Pretty is as pretty does, babes,” Ava added, “and bodyshaming is simply toxic behavior.” In an interview with Allure, Ava admitted this is a beauty tip she received from Reese.

“I take it to mean that you are only as beautiful as you treat other people, as you treat yourself, and as you are on the inside,” she told Allure. “I really do believe for outer beauty that what’s inside come through and is almost more apparent than you realize.”

Ava explained that while she often sees “this type of thing happening disproportionately to young girls & women,” she wants to be clear; “bodyshaming is toxic no matter who the subject is. We all deserve to feel safe and at peace in the vessel we live in.”

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