‘American Idol’ Contestant, Sara Beth Liebe, Claps Back at Katy Perry’s Mom-Shaming Joke

Sara Beth Liebe loved going to karaoke with her friends and, while she was always told she had a beautiful voice, she never thought she’d be singing in front of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. Yet, that’s exactly what she was doing as a contestant in a March 5 episode of American Idol. 

The 25-year-old mom of three was clearly nervous as she sang ‘You Know I’m No Good’ by Amy Winehouse and followed that up with ‘Bennie and the Jets’ by Elton John. She ultimately received her golden ticket with a ‘yes’ from Luke Bryan, a ‘no’ from Lionel Richie, and a ‘yes’ from Katy Perry. 

She stole the show with her high-energy approach, and her electric personality shined through, which made it easy for fans at home to root for her. As a result, many people felt the need to come to her defense after Katy Perry made several rude and off-putting comments (and jokes) during her audition. 

Why you should care this?

Mom shaming is another form of bullying. It’s something everyone, including moms themselves, should be aware of so that we can put a stop to it.

How should you talk to your kids about this?

Bullying is still very much a part of everyday life. By talking to your kids daily about bullying, how to identify it, and how to stop it, we are helping set up future generations for success. 

Here are some resources for parents about bullying: UNICEF and STOPBullying.gov.

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When she first entered the audition room, she introduced herself as Sara Beth – a 25-year-old from California. The three judges were shocked. Lionel Richie questioned it, and Luke Bryan said she looked 16 – but Katy Perry seemed to take it one step further, muttering ‘15’ as she took a sip from her drink. 

Sara Beth took it as a compliment and explained that she’s a mother of three – which caused Katy Perry to stand up from her chair as if she couldn’t breathe. “If Katy lays on the table, I think I’m going to pass out,” Sara Beth said, to which Katy Perry replied, “Honey, you’ve been laying on the table too much.”

Lionel Richie went on to ask her how she got from ‘mom to music’, and she was honest. “I’m not going to lie, I’m not really a musician,” she said, explaining that she liked karaoke and did some church choir. In the middle of her explanation, Katy Perry interrupted Sara Beth and asked her if this was her dream. 


Song writing is something i did a lot growing up in my room when i wasnt okay. I never thought id be sharing my songs with people someday though. What a crazy life ???????? This is one i just started today. #songwriter #singersongwriter #originalmusic #accoustic #numb #sadmusic #sacramentomusic #originalmusic

♬ original sound – Sara Beth

“Is this your dream? Is it now? If it’s not your dream, you might need to leave because there’s a lot of dreams behind you,” Katy said. Again, Sarah Beth was honest and said she was still processing everything and can’t really answer that. “Alright, well why don’t you freak us out, Freaky Friday,” Katy replied.

Sara Beth Liebe Responds to Katy Perry’s Comments on TikTok

On March 8th, three days after her audition aired on television, Sara Beth Liebe took to her TikTok in response to everyone asking her how she feels about Katy Perry’s comments – more specifically, the mom-shaming joke she made about her ‘laying on the table too much.’ She felt the need to address it.


Well. I didnt think id be making this video, but i just wanted to say a couple things since im being flooded with articles and comments/messages about this.

♬ original sound – Sara Beth

Sara Beth called the joke ‘not super kind’ and ‘hurtful’ and said it was ‘embarrassing to have that on TV.’ With that said, she wanted to take the opportunity to ‘say that I think that women supporting and uplifting other women is so cool, and I think that mom-shaming is super lame.’ Like her audition, she was honest. 


#stitch with @americanidol Lol hiiiii friends ???????? I still feel so out of body watching my audition but anyways here’s me not screaming the end part of the song ???????????? #americanidol #americanidolaudition #bennyandthejets #sarabethliebe

♬ original sound – Sara Beth

“I think that it’s hard enough to be a mom and it’s hard enough to be a woman, and I also wanted to take this opportunity to say that I see all the young moms and just moms in general who have commented on all of the videos and posts and I just wanted to say that I see you and I hear you,” she continued.

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She added that no one deserves to feel crappy about being a mother and urged other mothers to ‘keep loving your babies’ – after all, she believes that being a good mother and loving your babies is all that matters. Her video has been seen more than 500,000 times and received nearly 30,000 likes.

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