Savannah Guthrie Lost Vision in Her Right Eye After Her Son Threw a Toy Train at Her

The day before Thanksgiving, Savannah Guthrie was seen missing from her usual seat during the first hours of the Today Show. However, she called into the show to explain her absence.

During her call, Guthrie explained that she wasn’t at work that day because she was hit in the eye by a toy train that her 2-year-old son Charlie threw. The train tore her retina, causing her to lose vision in her eye for a short time.

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Savannah Guthrie lost vision after her son threw a toy train that hit her in the eye.

She explained, “Well, I got hit by, Charlie threw a toy train right at my eye, and it tore my retina. And it happened last week, actually, and then I lost my vision in my right eye about 24 hours later and it turned out the be kind of serious.”

“He was sitting on my lap. And you know 2-year-old want to test their bounderies, and he just threw it right at my eye.”

Guthrie went on to say, “They were afraid my retina was detached. So they told me to just take it easy. They’ve been doing a bunch of laser procedures to avoid having to do the full surgery.”

As the picture Guthrie sent in shows, it wasn’t just a tiny toy train that hit her, but rather a pretty sizeable engine. The mom of two said the laser treatments she was receiving were meant to weld her retina back together.

At the time she spoke on the show, Guthrie was hoping she would still be able to host the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade the following day, which as those of you who watched know, she was able to do. However, she was under strict order not to move around too much for fear of having her retina completely detach.

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And while her co-workers were cringing, Guthrie told her colleagues that she’s “hopeful” everything thing is going to be okay. According to Dr. Natalie Azar, retinal tears aren’t terribly common but do become more likely with age or trauma, like in Guthrie’s case.

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Guthrie admitted that Charlie doesn’t quite know what he did was wrong. She joked that when she FaceTimed her mom to explain what happened, Charlie ran into the room exclaiming “I did it” to his grandma.

Although Guthrie hasn’t given an update on her eye since Wednesday, it appears as though she was on the up and up and continues to get better each day.

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