Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid On Her Post-Baby Body: ‘It Is The Worst Thing That Could Ever Happen To Your Body’

Mercedes “MJ” Javid is not holding back when it comes to what a woman’s body looks like, post-baby.

Javid welcomed her son, Shams Francis, over 10 months ago, and recently chatted with Page Six for a segment titled “Mom Truths,” talking on how her body has changed since becoming a parent.

“Recovering from birth is like being run over by a hundred million thousand trillion airplanes, trains and automobiles,” said Javid, 47.

“I don’t want anyone to panic because it is the worst thing that could ever happen to your body but eventually, hopefully, with some plastic surgery, you will recognize the body that you once had,” she continued.

The most major thing that has evolved for the new mom is how she feels about her breasts — which she believed were more like just a sexual thing before” but after having [the] baby they’re also the No. 1 nutritional source for my son.”

“You will probably have some leakage. You will probably never have a clean shirt again,” Javid revealed.

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“You will probably always have some hint of stinky spit-up [on you], which sounds like it’s an innocent thing but babies’ breast milk, coming back up … it smells worse than a sewer,” she quipped.

When asked about sex with husband Tommy Feight, Javid responded, “What is sex? Are you crazy?”

“First of all, you have to wait eight weeks [after giving birth to have sex], and then by then, you’re so deep in baby that, like, are you crazy?” she cried. “Maybe morning [or] middle-of-the-night sex, if you’re lucky.”

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The reality star explained that between a cesarean section “incisions, scars, hormones” and more, “a lot goes down.”

“And you know, I still don’t care because I only care about the fact that I made this baby,” Javid said.

She preaches pregnancy as well as birth as not some joke and urges moms to “stay positive,” “ask questions” and “pay attention to your body.”

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