Single Mom Takes Aim At Mom-Shamers Who Judge Moms For Bringing Their Kids Into the Grocery Store, Shuts Them Down With a Sign She Posted on Daughter’s Back

Going to the grocery store during a global pandemic isn’t easy. Not only do you have to worry about staying a safe distance from other people and not touching your face after touching the items on the shelf, but mom-shamer can be extra judgmental of your actions.

In one mom’s case, she felt the need to force her daughter to wear a sign on her back explaining why her single mother was taking her out in public. As MaryAnn Fausey Resendez revealed on Facebook, the note read:

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Single Mom Shuts Down Shamers Who Are Mad About Moms Bringing Kids Into Stores

“I AM ONLY 5! I can’t stay home alone so I have to buy groceries with mommy…before you start judging. STAY BACK 6 FEET.”

As Resendez explained on Facebook, she made the sign because “I just know some dumb*ss will take a picture and talk sh*t on social media not knowing all the facts.” She then encouraged her friends to share her post.

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And not only was Resendez’s daughter wearing the sign, but she was also fully equipped with a mask that was modified to fit her face properly and protective gloves. Ultimately, the mom’s post was shared over 43,000 times.

And single moms everywhere cheered Resendez in the comments, thanking her for being blunt and honest. “I know how it feels not having some kind of support being a single mom so I feel you, girl,” one commenter wrote. “My prayers.”

“This always crossed my mind, how are single parents handling this? It’s so easy to judge and pass harsh comments towards a third person,” another added. “Every single parent must be going through hell managing shopping solo and taking care of the child. Hang on tight! You’re doing a great thing and being brave for your child! You’re the best! This too shall pass.”

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However, even though she created the sign as a preventative measure, Resendez still, unfortunately, faced backlash from people who believed there were other steps the mom could have taken, like finding her a babysitter or placing a pickup order. So in the end, the mom created a separate post defending herself even further by explaining her step by step process once she leaves the store.

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