Dr. Terry Dubrow Praises Wife, Heather Dubrow, for Saving His Life at Famous LA Restaurant

Dr. Terry Dubrow, best known for his work on the show Botched, is praising his wife, Heather Dubrow, for saving his life last week. In an interview with TMZ on Wednesday (August 9), Terry explained how his health took a drastic turn for the worse while at The Ivy (a famous restaurant in Los Angeles) on August 3.

He and his wife were at the restaurant enjoying a meal with one of their four children when Terry started to slur his words – usually a sign of a stroke or pre-stroke. “I had half a drink, I was eating, and I asked my son a question and I started to slur my words,” he said – adding that they ‘made a huge deal of it.’

While Terry wasn’t concerned at the time, his wife was – so much that she stood up in the middle of the restaurant and told her husband to call 911. This made Terry upset because he didn’t think anything was wrong – noting that they were in public, it was his favorite restaurant, and the TMZ bus had just gone by. 

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Terry Dubrow insisted that everything was fine and it ultimately led to an argument between Terry and his wife – he wanted to go home, but she wanted him to go to the hospital and get looked at. Nonetheless, he allowed the ambulance to check him out and they confirmed his vitals were fine – but that wasn’t the end. 

Despite the “OK” from the ambulance, Heather Dubrow wasn’t satisfied and was adamant her husband go to the hospital to get a more thorough exam. Still upset at her reaction, Terry refuses and, instead, orders an Uber back to his house. His wife does the same and tells her Uber driver to follow him home.

Heather ends up calling several of Terry’s doctor friends and, together, they convince him to go to the hospital – and that’s when he received his wake up call. He goes to Hoag Hospital, gets evaluated in the ER, receives an MRI, and, sure enough, he had a transient ischemic attack (TIA) – a stroke precursor. 

“Had Heather Dubrow – alright, I’m going to start to cry, to be honest with you – had she just let me go home, ‘I’m a doctor, I know what I’m doing, don’t argue with me, I’m going to bed,’ I would probably not be alive today,” he said of his stubbornness. “Heather Dubrow saved my live – no questions about it.” 

Dr. Terry Dubrow Urges Fans to Listen to Their Spouse

Dr. Terry Dubrow concluded his story by urging fans (and anyone, really) to listen to their spouse when they have concerns about your health. He noted that most of us aren’t going to perceive our health the same way other people do and the more we ignore that concern, the more we put ourselves at risk. 

“So if your partner is insistent upon something about you medically, go get it checked up because your perception of what’s going on may be very different than what they’re seeing,” he concluded. It’s a similar sentiment that was shared by his wife, who caught up with a reporter earlier in the day on Wednesday.

She said she would let her husband tell the story, but did clarify that there was an argument between the two, but she doesn’t regret it one bit – citing a real concern on her part in regards to his health. She also confirmed that Terry is doing great and described the outcome of the situation as the ‘best case scenario.’ 

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“He’s okay and what’s really important to take away from what happened to him is that early intervention will save your life,” she told TMZ. “By the way, I heard that you guys (TMZ) have video of us fighting outside of The Ivy. You’re d**n right we were fighting, I was trying to get my husband into an ambulance.”

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