This ‘Sex Couch’ Is Driving Facebook Mom Groups Absolutely Insane

You can thank TikTok for uncovering how the insanely popular and constantly sold-out children’s couch, The Nugget, has been popular among parents when it comes to sex.

The Nugget comes in a variety of pastel colors (most of which are limited edition) and costs about $229. The resale value of The Nugget spikes as high as $1,000.

This 'Sex Couch' Is Driving Facebook Mom Groups Insane
Image via The Nugget

Rewind a bit so mid-December when non-parents of TikTok were introduced to The Nugget. It all began one Nugget groupie responded to a viral online question:

“What’s something that’s ‘not a cult’ but seems like a cult?” And TikTok user @pushingastrollerinheals answered by describing Nugget mom groups — revealing how there are multiple Facebook groups (some with thousands of members) all dedicated to The Nugget.

In addition, she shared how some moms replace all their furniture with Nugget couches and even purchase these couches for children who are not old enough to play on them.

But it was what “the upper echelon” of the Nugget groups — or Nugget After Dark groups — are up to that caused controversy. “The thing is you photograph your husband sitting on top of the box when it gets delivered — the less clothes the better,” she said. “Literally, someone just posted their husband a**-naked on top of the box.” Nugget After Dark is a place where parents “just talk about banging all over their children’s furniture. This sounds like satire, but it isn’t.”

This 'Sex Couch' Is Driving Facebook Mom Groups Insane
Image via Shutterstock

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And quickly after that video was posted, Nugget Tok took over TikTok and the mess began.

The Nugget After Dark Facebook moms began to quickly bash the woman on TikTok who had just revealed Nugget After Dark exists. And while nobody on TikTok had shared screenshots or named names, they simply talked about the existence of the NAD groups — moms began to cyber-harassing her and others.

If you are still in the dark about why people have sex on their Nuggets — the furniture’s bread and butter (the triangle cushion) looks similar to a sex wedge.

As @TheBigWeirdMom, who is one of the creators who introduced TikTok to the Nugget cult-like following said: “If you look it up, it looks a lot like the Liberator furniture.”

This 'Sex Couch' Is Driving Facebook Mom Groups Insane
Image via Shutterstock

But the @TheBigWeirdMom personally seems to have introduced about 12 million TikTok viewers to the Nugget couch mom groups through a series she calls “Mom Group Dumpster Fires,” but also says she does respect different groups’ privacy rules:

“I get that the Nugget After Dark, that was a group that had a screenshot rule and was not a place that should be shared. And if that’s what you want to do with your time I get it.”

And while she did not post any screenshots nor include anyone’s name or likeness — she did mention the group’s existence. While the Nugget After Dark was never a huge secret to parents, the incentive to keep it mum was understandable.

“People came in and they heard ‘sex on a child’s toy’ and they took it to the other end of the spectrum,” she says, “and all of a sudden they wanted to join this NAD group to shame them.” She continued, saying: “were just inundated with new requests to join, and they had to shut down.”

This 'Sex Couch' Is Driving Facebook Mom Groups Insane
Image via The Nugget

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For @TheBigWeirdMom she believes this is unfortunate as she understands how difficult it can be a parent and also prioritize your own needs as well as those of your children. She says that NAD groups actually have “a lot to do with empowerment” and sharing “I wouldn’t call it this freaky fetish thing. There was definitely talk about how to make your sex life better using your Nugget Couch.”

For many moms, Facebook groups like Nugget After Dark are safe places to find community and connect.

@TheBigWeirdMom goes on to say that’s why they have separate Nuggets just for that. But at the end of the day, it is just furniture and given the price tag, parents should do as they please with it. It is the shaming part (especially shaming mothers) that is the toxic part.

“Usually, society looks to a mom to assign any type of blame or praise,” says @TheBigWeirdMom. And while there were moms that pushed too far when it came to addressing NAD on TikTok, she believes societal pressure is in play.

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