Newly-Minted Father Goes Viral on TikTok After Wife Shares Video of Him Passing Out in Delivery Room

For a TikTok account with no bio, 2,400 followers, and three posts, having a video on the verge of 13.0 million views is quite a big deal – especially when the other two posts have a combined 27,000 views. It’s the epitome of what we mean when we say something goes ‘viral’ – at that point, the video is everywhere.

So, who’s TikTok account are we talking about? It belongs to Corianne Johnson, a 26-year-old mother who gave birth to her first child earlier this year with her husband, Cody Johnson. It was a special moment that they dreamed of, waited for, and prepared for, but one that had a little humor to it, as well. 


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That humor came when the couple were in the delivery room. Corianne hadn’t started pushing yet and was getting ready to receive her epidural – a shot administered in the back to relieve pain throughout the body. When her husband saw the needle for that injection, he immediately passed out onto the floor. 

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Luckily for all of us, Corianne Johnson managed to record the aftermath of him passing out and posted a video of the incident on her TikTok page – the video was posted on May 10. Now three months later, the video has 12.8 million views, 1.4 million likes, 54,000 bookmarks, 49,000 shares, and 8,500 comments. 

“I’m totally not going to pass out while you’re in labor, babe,” she wrote in a text overlay in the video – adding, “He tried his best!” in the caption. The beginning of the clip shows Cody Johnson crawling on the floor while a nurse comes to comfort him with a cool compress. Meanwhile, mama’s in the hospital bed. 

“I knew he was going to pass out. I regret not betting money on it!” Corianne said in an interview with TODAY – adding that ‘he went down’ once he saw the needle. The video also shows Cody sipping juice as he recovers on the floor and tucked into a blanket while sleeping on the couch in the hospital room. 


My three month old, singing “part of your world” with me ????

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You can tell it’s something that happens often by how calm the nurses were – something Corianne alluded to in her interview. “They were like, ‘Yup. He’ll be fine, this happens all the time,’” she explained. Don’t worry, he was ‘there for the pushing’ and got to watch his wife give birth to their daughter, Navy.

TikTok Users Hilariously Roast the Newly-Minted Father

A majority of the TikTok users who commented on the video passed the vibe check – either sharing funny stories of their own husbands passing out in the delivery room or admiring the pure humor that came of the situation. With more tha 8,400 comments, we could scroll for days reading all the funny comments. 

“Not him tucked in like he had a hard day,” one user said of the photo of Cody Johnson tucked into a blanket on the couch, while another user wrote, “The way he’s laying there on the bed.” A third TikTok user commented, “I would have laughed so hard the baby would have just came right out.”

Others highlighted the crawling in the beginning of the video, the little juice cups he was given, the fact that he’s the one that needs an epidural, how pale he was in the photo of him sipping juice, and the fact that he was wearing flip flops during this whole ordeal. Despite all of that, he was there when it mattered!

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“As a sister that watched my sis birth it’s VERY traumatic. Especially if ur not good w blood & bodily fluids, they had to get me a chair,” wrote another TikTok user – to which Corianne responded, “Yup it was the needles for him! This was right after I got my epidural! He was fine for the actual birth though!”

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