Reliving the Moment 20-Year-Old Twin Daughters Ask Their Step-Mom to Adopt Them on Mother’s Day

Mothers are used to receiving gifts and small acts of kindness from their children on Mother’s Day – whether it’s a simple hug and kiss on the cheek or a day at the salon. And while Mother’s Day 2022 started out like any other for Becky Ruvolo, things took an unexpected and sudden, yet emotional turn. 

In a viral video that was posted to TikTok the following day, Becky was seen reacting to a gift from her twin step-daughters and while it wasn’t a gift she was expecting, it was a gift she’s been wanting for several years. In fact, it was a gift that was 12 years in the making – ever since Becky met the twins. 

The 20-year-old twins – Gabriella and Julianna – gave Becky a scrapbook that included photos of the family through the years. When she got to the last page, it read, “Mom, will you adopt us?” All three of the girls immediately broke out into tears as Becky responded with a resounding ‘Of course, I will!’ 

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For the twin girls, it was something they’ve been thinking about for years. They wanted to wait for the perfect time to ask her and while that’s a hard thing to decide as a young adult, they ultimately felt like Mother’s Day 2022 was the right time – and it was. Now, the three can officially be one big family. 

“We figured like, what’s the best time to ask the biggest question we will probably ever ask? And why not make it on Mother’s Day? Ask our mom to officially be our mother on the day dedicated to her,” Julianna Ruvolo said in an interview with Good Morning America, where the trio detailed their story that went viral.

“To actually see it unfold, just filled me with such a feeling of pride, proud for my girls and for my wife. I know how happy that would make her and it really was such a special moment,” said Pete Ruvolo, the father of the twins and husband of Becky. It’s a moment he’ll remember for the rest of his life, as well. 

As for Becky, she was caught off guard by the question. While she always wanted to be their mother one day, she never wanted to force it and wanted it to happen organically. Her patience ultimately paid off, adding that she feels honored and proud that the twins decided to do this for her without any pressure. 

The Mother’s Day Gift Was the Culmination of Years of Love

Becky Ruvolo met Julianna and Gabriella while she was dating their father, Pete Ruvolo – the twins were eight years old at the time. Their first introduction was a nervous one for everyone – for Pete, Becky, and the girls. Nonetheless, they hit it off immediately and their relationship only grew from that point on.

Becky and Pete got married in 2013 and while that was nearly a decade ago, the twins were calling Becky ‘Mom’ long before this past Mother’s Day. “We always went to her as we would a mom. She was always there for us,” said Julianna. The title wasn’t there, but it was always a mother-daughter relationship. 


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It’s not just a mother figure that Becky has given these twins over the past decade – she also made them big sisters, which is something they never thought they’d be. Pete and Becky welcomed a son, Carmine, in 2014 and a second son, Salvatore, in 2018. “It was like just a dream come true,” said Gabriella. 

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As for the adoption question, it’s something Gabriella and Julianna have talked about for years – but never with Becky, until now. In fact, it’s something Becky and Pete never really talked about, though it was obvious she wanted it – as would any step-mother in her shoes, considering the biological mother wasn’t present.

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