University of Idaho Professor Files Defamation Lawsuit Against TikToker Ashley Guillard

Rebecca Scofield has spent several weeks dodging false allegations from TikToker Ashley Guillard, who claimed she was involved in the stabbing of four University of Idaho students in November. Which has been categorically proven false.

In a series of videos posted to TikTok, Guillard has continuously accused Scofield of participating in the murders. But with 2022 coming to an end, Scofield had enough.

University of Idaho Professor Files Defamation Lawsuit Against TikToker Ashley Guillard | Rebecca Scofield has spent weeks dodging false allegations from Ashley Guillard, who claims she was involved in the stabbing of 4 University of Idaho students.

With her privacy and security at stake, Scofield filed a federal defamation lawsuit against Guillard and is not only looking for a jury trial but also reimbursement for the legal fees. She accuses Guillard of spreading false narratives about an unsolved quadruple murder. 

Scofield, a history professor and history department chair at the University of Idaho, explains in court documents how Guillard’s false accusations have negatively impacted her professional and personal life. Not only have they hurt her reputation, but the accusations are putting her and her family in harm’s way.

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According to attorney Wendy Olson, who’s representing Rebecca Scofield in her defamation lawsuit, the professor made two ‘cease and desist’ attempts via letters sent to the TikTok influencer – which were, of course, ignored by Ashley Guillard. Instead, she continued to make false accusations about Scofield.

Professor Scofield twice sent cease and desist letters to Ms. Guillard, but Ms. Guillard has continued to make false statements, knowing they are false. Thus, this lawsuit became necessary to protect Professor Scofield’s safety and her reputation,” wrote Olson, adding that the statements create ‘safety issues.’ 

Olson goes on to confirm her client didn’t know any of the victims, never taught any of the victims, and was never romantically involved with any of the victims. “Guillard’s videos have been viewed millions of times, amplifying Guillard’s online persona at the expense of Professor Scofield’s reputation,” she added.

Scofield was out of town – in Portland, Oregon – with her husband when the murders took place. They spent the night and arrived back in Moscow, Idaho the following day after driving more than five hours. Despite this and the lawsuit, Guillard is doubling down on her accusations and insists she is right. 

Suspect Arrested in University of Idaho Stabbings

At the time of the defamation lawsuit being filed, no suspect had been arrested and authorities were still piecing the puzzle together. That suddenly changed when a suspectBryan Kohberger – was arrested on December 30th. Of course, this all but confirms that Rebecca Scofield wasn’t involved in the murders.

Kohberger was a graduate student at Washington State University, roughly seven miles from the University of Idaho campus. He’s now being charged with the deaths of Ethan Chapin, 20; Madison Mogen, 21; Xana Kernodle, 20; and Kaylee Goncalves, 21 – though he’s ‘eager to be exonerated.’

“First and foremost we care deeply for the four families who have lost their precious children. There are no words that can adequately express the sadness we feel, and we pray each day for them,” said Kohberger’s family, adding they will continue to support their son and brother through the legal process.

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As for Ashley Guillard, she continues to level up her attack against Rebecca Scofield and has posted a series of TikTok videos since the lawsuit was made. She claims she has evidence and proof and is excited to share them in court – one video was captioned ‘this isn’t going to end well for you,’ referring to Scofield.

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