25 Valiant Virtue Baby Names for Boys from Time-Tested to Fresh

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is a big decision. If you are looking for a meaningful and unique name that will inspire him to be the best he can be, then consider a virtue name. Virtue names have a long history and are known for their positive association with values such as love, kindness, and courage. The Puritans brought many of these names to the new world but parents today are also creating new ones that sound fresh and modern.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of 25 winning virtue names for boys that range from traditional to modern. Each name offers its own special meaning and serves as a reminder of the qualities that we all strive to embody. Let’s dive in and find the perfect name for your little one!

Find the Perfect Virtue Names for Your Son Below:


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Sage is quietly on the rise today in terms of popularity. The name belongs to a delicious herb, of course, but it also describes a person who is “wise.” This is one of the safest bets as far as virtue names for boys goes.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

You’ve likely encountered the name Foster as a surname of English origin that means “forester.” However, as a virtue name, it means “encouraging development.”


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Chance is a name of French origin that is usually taken to be a short form of Chauncey. In French, “bon chance” means “good luck.” In English, it is taken to mean “a possibility.” We think this name holds so much promise and we’re not alone. The appellation ranks in the top 500 most given names for boys today.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Chase is technically a unisex name but it’s always gone to more boys than girls in the US. The name is also French and means “to hunt.” We like this virtue name because we feel that it sounds like an invitation to chase one’s dreams. The name was in the top 100 until 2018 when it fell. It’s still very popular!


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

In Latin, Ace means “one” and “unity.” The virtue name is more popular today than ever before and it is tracking to land in the top 100 in the next year or two. This truly is a winning option.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Concord is a modern virtue name that’s yet to take off. The name means “harmony among people” and “agreement.” With a glut of names starting with Con for boys, Concord could be the perfect alternative to Conner.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Courage is a handsome unisex virtue name that has landed in the top 1000 a couple of time for both boys and girls. Courage means “without fear” and it’s one of the greatest qualities for a person to possess. That’s what makes this one so attractive to us.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Fortitude feels like a virtue name the Puritans would have picked. It’s a big name for a baby boy to shoulder but we think the Fort nickname is appealing. Fortitude refers to a person’s ability to show courage when facing pain and adversity.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Justice might seem like a new virtue name but there’s a history of it being popular in the US way back in the 1880s. Justice returned to the popularity chart in the 1990s and has remained mildly popular ever since. One thing to note: the name is now given to more girls than boys. But, please don’t let that stop you from using this incredible name.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Loyal is back, baby! Loyal hit its peak of popularity in 1890 but it is tracking to best that this year. Loyal rolls right of the tongue and is less clunky than something like Fortitude or Concord. Loyal describes a faithful person who you can always count on to have your back.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

There is a history of Ever being popular in the US, but for girls at the end of the turn of the last century. This name means “at any time” or “at all times.” As with Royal, Ever is a completely accessible option that wears well.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Light is a new age sort of virtue name that parents are beginning to consider. It’s never been a favorite but it has plenty of potential. The anecdote to darkness, Light comes packed with optimism and possibility.

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Virtue Baby Names for Boys

If courage wasn’t doing it for you, we’ve got another option for you in Bravery. Bravery has mostly been used as a middle name up to this point but we think it could be the fearless alternative to a name like Gregory.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Keen is one of our favorite virtue names on this list. It has a history as an english and Irish surname that can mean “bold,” “brave,” “battle,” and “ancient.” Keen is rare as a given name today and we would love to see that change. Keen’s meaning as a virtue name is “trained” and “sharp.”


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Noble might seem like a celebrity baby name that was pulled from thin air but it was once a very popular choice for boys in the US. It was a top 1000 name from the 1880s through the 1950s. Further, it was a favorite of the Puritans. It’s time for this one to make a comeback! We get the word noble from a Latin root that means “aristocrat.”


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Pax is our favorite name that means “peace.” It is of Latin origin and it’s starting to become a trendy pick today. With Paxton being an established appellation, there’s plenty of room for Pax to work as an alternative. Names with an X are red-hot right now so expect this name to finally land in the top 1000 in the next couple of years.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Fortune is a unisex virtue name of Latin origin that means “riches,” “fate,” and “luck.” This name is often given as a middle name as a way of fostering good luck but we think this appellation belongs front and center. We could be in the minority as the name has never ranked in the top 1000.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

A bit more in your face than Pax, Peace is also a virtue name that celebrates harmony and calm. Peace is rare as a given name these days and we think it would work out well for both boys and girls.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

If you want a unique vehicle to get you to the nickname Theo, Theory could be the one for you. Theory really does feel like it is on the cutting edge of possibility as a virtue name. Of course, it means “idea.” We get the word theory from a Greek root.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Reason landed in the top 1000 most popular names for boys in only a single year, 1885. It’s been a long time since parents have been using this one. Bonus points for having twins and picking Rhyme and Reason.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Creed found its way into the US top 1000 for the first time in over a century in 2016. That year it was one of the fastest-climbing names for boys. It’s tracking to have its best year ever in 2023. Creed is a virtue name that means “system of belief” and can be a reference to the Christian faith.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Blaze has been a popular choice for baby boys since 2000. The name’s English origin means “burning fire” but the French form of this name means “blizzard.” How curious is that? Blaze wears like a modern virtue name that sounds very fresh which explains why it is so hot today.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Legend has enjoyed a meteoric rise since 2010, and if trends hold, it will rank in the top 100 this year. Legend has two appealing meanings that include “saga/story” and “notorious person.” Nothing to complain about with either of those.


Virtue Baby Names for Boys

As with Liberty, Freedom is a name that expresses a supposed American value. That makes this one a potentially patriotic name. It is a boundless and unhindered appellation. It’s currently not a popular choice but with the rise of positive word names, it could become a trendy pick.

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Virtue Baby Names for Boys

Royal is in the top 1000 most popular baby names for both boys and girls today but it is on the downward trend for girls while climbing for boys. Royal might seem like a new trend but it has a long history as a name for boys in the US. In fact, it peaked in the 1880s and 1890s. But, if trends hold, that popularity will likely be matched or even bested soon. We get the word/name Royal from French and it means exactly what you think it does.

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these virtue names that we ranked from most traditional to more modern. There’s something to love about each one. Happy baby name hunting!

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