Mamas Uncut’s Weekly Stories Round-Up: Savannah Chrisley’s Plane Drama, Simone Biles Wedding, and More

Need a quick round-up of the most recent top stories? Not to fear…

Here are the top stories from this past week:

Southwest Airlines Claims Savannah Chrisley Is Sharing a ‘Different Story’ After She Was Kicked Off One of Their Flights

Southwest Airlines has shared a statement after Savannah Chrisley revealed a flight attendant deemed her an “unruly passenger” and wouldn’t let her on the flight.

As Mamas Uncut reported on April 21, Chrisley opened up about the incident on her Instagram Story. Chrisley at the time claimed that she was kicked off the flight because she was deemed an “unruly passenger.” 

Mamas Uncut's Weekly Stories Round-Up: Savannah Chrisley's Plane Drama, Simone Biles Wedding, and More | Need a quick round-up of the most recent top stories? Not to fear...

However, Southwest is claiming that the story they were told was different from the one Savannah told on social media.

“Our initial reports indicate a different story than the one from the Customer’s account, as she arrived at the gate late in the boarding process and repeatedly insulted our Employee after being asked to gate-check her bag,” the Southwest representative told People. “As a result, the Customer was denied boarding on her original flight, and we booked her on a later flight the same day.”

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The 25-year-old told her followers that the situation began as she boarded the flight at JFK airport on her way home back to Tennessee. Chrisley said she was instructed to check her carry-on bag but refused to do so.

“Alright guys, so I officially know why everyone hates Southwest so much. I mean absolutely hates it — the worst thing in the entire world,” Savannah began before she turned the camera onto a flight attendant, presumably the one that made the decision to throw her off the flight.

“This man right here… um, awful,” she continued while describing the flight attendant. “I went to board my flight and he told me that I had to check my bag. I was like, ‘Okay, if you wouldn’t mind, I’m gonna take my bag on the flight, see if I can’t make it fit and if not, I’ll check it.'”

When the flight attendant told her that wasn’t an option, she insisted further. That’s when Savannah claims the flight attendant deemed her an unruly passenger and the pilot intervened. 

“The Southwest attendant literally looked at the pilot — the man who was flying our plane and is responsible for our safety — and said stay out of it,” Chrisley claimed. “Now, I’m not gonna lie, when this Southwest attendant told the pilot to calm down I told him that there was no need for him to be an a–hole today, and then he threw me off the flight.”

Savannah went on to say she attempted to plead with the attendant, revealing that she “had a 10-year-old that I had to absolutely get home to tonight and well, the Southwest attendant said ‘I don’t care.'” That’s when the reality star claimed her anger got the better of her.

“I told him that I hope he finds a better purpose for his life. Maybe I shouldn’t have said it, but the devil came over me and Jesus did not come out.”

Savannah is currently the legal guardian of her 10-year-old niece Chloe and 16-year-old brother Grayson as her parents spend years in prison for tax fraud.

Eventually, Savannah was put on a different flight and ultimately made it home. But many have claimed that maybe Savannah should have just complied with the flight attendant’s ask in the first place.

Although Savannah hasn’t responded to those who believe she was in the wrong, she had thanked the Southwest pilot who stepped in and “defended her.” She went on to say the pilot was “kind of hot” and encouraged him to “maybe switch airlines.”

“Southwest you’re awful, but to the pilot who stood up for me and was a real good-looking guy — my hat goes off to you. You’re great. Maybe switch airlines.”

The Drama Between Shanna Moakler and Kourtney Kardashian Continues: “She Post More of My Kids Then Her Own”

On April 13, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker premiered their Hulu wedding special – ‘Til Death Do Us Part Kourtney & Travis – showcasing their three wedding ceremonies that took place last year. The couple unofficially wed on April 3, officially wed on May 15, and had a religious ceremony on May 22. 

The wedding featured Kourtney’s three children – Mason, 13, Penelope, 10, and Reign, 8 – who she shares with Scott Disick and Travis’ three children – Atiana, 24, Landon, 19, and Alabama, 17 – who he shares with Shanna Moakler. Atiana isn’t his biological daughter, but he considers her his daughter. 

The Hulu wedding special shares intimate and emotional moments from the couple’s ceremony, including a speech by Travis’ son, Landon – a speech that Shanna is taking heavy exception to. While she didn’t have a problem with her children being in the wedding, she seems to have a problem with his speech. 

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“Since the day I met you, you have had such a great and bright personality, “Landon said during his speech. “You look out for me like a mother and always have had my back. I really think you have filled the empty spot in my heart so well and have shown me great morals that have taught me so much.”

In the comments to one of Shanna’s recent Instagram photos, one user referenced the speech and wrote, “I hope that you get a huge apology some day for what was said on that exploitative, money grabbing, circus. ‘He’s been through Hell’ ‘Kourtney has filled a void for me.’” Shanna replied to that comment. 

“She post more of my kids then her own, lol,” Shanna wrote in response – a dig at the fact that Kourtney has been posting more and more photos of her blended family on social media as they grow closer to one another. And while their relationship strengthens, Shanna’s relationship with her own children declines.

In fact, Shanna has apparently extended her ‘dig’ to her three children – unfollowing her two daughters and one son on social media. She reportedly unfollowed her son, Landon, first after his wedding speech about Kourtney went viral, but didn’t stop there as she unfollowed her other two children shortly after. 

Kourtney Kardashian Doesn’t Want to Post About Her Kids

One of the main reasons why so many people are coming to the defense of Kourtney Kardashian after Shanna Moakler’s recent comment is because Kourtney already explained the reasoning behind posting photos of her stepchildren more than her own children – and it’s not meant to be a dig towards Shanna. 

“I see comments all the time that I’m never with my kids. And I just don’t love to post my kids on social media. They don’t love it, sometimes they do,” she said – adding that her eldest son doesn’t like social media at all. On the other hand, her stepchildren are older and have social media accounts of their own.

Shanna has even claimed that Kourtney’s relationship with Atiana, London, and Alabama has ‘put a wedge’ in her own relationship with them. In 2021, Shanna complained that Kourtney buys them Prada, takes them on lavish trips, and does things that are straining their relationship with their biological mother. 

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Meanwhile, Shanna’s three children have shared their own criticism over her – calling on others to stop painting Shanna as an ‘amazing mom’ because she has never completely been in their lives and even calling her an ‘absent parent’ at times. Apparently, those feelings aren’t going away anytime soon.

Rumor Willis Makes Beautiful Surprise Announcement

Rumor Willis has made a huge announcement! After taking a few days to relish in the beautiful moment of being a first-time mom, Rumor has shared her beautiful baby girl with the world.

On April 25, Rumor took to Instagram to reveal that her baby girl Louetta Isley Thomas Willis is officially a week old. “You are pure magic,” Rumor wrote.

“Born at home on Tuesday, April 18th. You are more than we ever dreamed of,” she concluded.

Rumor’s mom, Demi Moore, and her stepmom Emma Heming Willis took to the comments section to share their excitement as well. “Pure love for this little birdie,” Demi wrote. “Omg we love her so so much,” Emma added.

Rumor first shared the news of her pregnancy just before Christmas on Instagram!

This is both Demi and Bruce’s first grandchild, making them grandma and grandpa for the first time.

As it has been widely reported, on February 16, it was revealed that Bruce’s condition has devastatingly progressed. “Our family wanted to start by expressing our deepest gratitude for the incredible outpouring of love, support, and wonderful stories we have all received since sharing Bruce’s original diagnosis,” Emma began her statement. 

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“In the spirit of that, we wanted to give you an update about our beloved husband, father, and friend since we now have a deeper understanding of what he is experiencing.” 

As Mamas Uncut previously updated, Bruce and his family first revealed he was diagnosed with aphasia in 2022. As a result of the diagnosis and its symptoms, Bruce made the difficult decision to step away from acting. 

“Since we announced Bruce’s diagnosis of aphasia in spring 2022, Bruce’s condition has progressed and we now have a more specific diagnosis: frontotemporal dementia (known as FTD). Unfortunately, challenges with communication are just one symptom of the disease Bruce faces. While this is painful, it is a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis.”

As the statement continued, the Willis and Moore family described FTD as “a cruel disease that many of us have never heard of and can strike anyone. For people under 60, FTD is the most common form of dementia, and because getting the diagnosis can take years, FTD is likely much more prevalent than we know.”

“Today there are no treatments for the disease, a reality that we hope can change in the years ahead. As Bruce’s condition advances, we hope that any media attention can be focused on shining a light on this disease that needs far more awareness and research.”

Mamas Uncut's Weekly Stories Round-Up: Savannah Chrisley's Plane Drama, Simone Biles Wedding, and More | Need a quick round-up of the most recent top stories? Not to fear...

And that’s exactly what Bruce would do with his own voice if he could. “Bruce always believed in using his voice in the world to help others and to raise awareness about important issues both publicly and privately. We know in our hearts that – if he could today — he would want to respond by bringing global attention and a connectedness with those who are also dealing with this debilitating disease and how it impacts so many individuals and their families.”

Len Goodman Predicted His Death In One of His Last Interviews and Shared What He Wanted His Obituary to Say

Six months ago, Len Goodman sat down with The Daily Mail for an interview. During that interview, Goodman nearly predicted his death.

While talking with The Mail, Goodman admitted that he wouldn’t be surprised if he died around the same time his father died. According to the former professional dancer, his father died unexpectedly at the age of 79.

Len goodman

Goodman would have celebrated his 79th birthday today, April 25.

“My dad had the right idea. He loved gardening and he had a stroke while he was out in the garden. He was 79 so if I go the way of my dad, that’ll be next year.”


Goodman also shared what he wants his obituary to read. “Just write: ‘He was a dance teacher from Dartford who got lucky.’ Because that’s just about the truth of it.”

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, the devastating news of Goodman’s passing was shared during the early morning hours of April 24. He was 78 years old.

Len was a judge on Dancing With the Stars since its premiere in 2005. He left the show after 17 years in 2022. 

Goodman announced he would be leaving the show in November. “It has been a huge pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful show,” he said in his statement. “But I’ve decided I’d like to spend more time with my grandchildren and family back in Britain. I could not thank you enough, my ‘Dancing With The Stars’ family, it’s been such a wonderful experience for me.” 

This Will Be Len Goodman’s Last Season as Head Judge on ‘Dancing With the Stars’
via Dancing With the Stars’ YouTube

Prior to his time as a judge, Goodman was a world-renowned dancer himself.

Goodman’s manager shared the news of his passing with a statement to BCC, reading, “It is with great sadness to announce that Len Goodman has passed away peacefully, aged 78.”

“A much-loved husband, father, and grandfather who will be sorely missed by family, friends, and all who knew him.” According to the BBC, Goodman was surrounded by his family in Kent, England when he died.

His cause of death has been labeled as bone cancer. Now those who loved and worked closely with Goodman are sharing their own condolences. 

Fellow DWTS judge, Bruno Tonioli took to Twitter to share a photo of himself with Goodman, writing, “[Heartbroken] my dear friend and partner for 19 years the one and only ballroom LEGEND #LenGoodman passed away I will treasure the memories of our adventures @bbcstrictly [and] @officialdwts. There will never be anyone like you you will always be my perfect 10.”

Carrie Ann Inaba also took to social media to share a slideshow of pictures and videos of her years sitting next to Len at the judges’ table. “A Dancer. A teacher. A refined gentleman. A wonderful storyteller. A special soul. A mentor. A family man. And… A treasured friend,” Carrie began.

“Saying goodbye at the end of last season broke my heart. But today’s news has shattered it all over again. I can’t believe that you’re gone. You were one of a kind my dear friend. And I will cherish our memories and hold them close, while I join so many others in mourning your loss. Thank you for all that you shared with us. Your humor, your wisdom, your wit, and your truth. Until we meet again…Rest In Peace, Len.”

Shirley Ballas, fellow professional dancer and the mom of DWTS alum Mark Ballas, also shared her condolences as well. As Ballas shared in her statement, Goodman was once her own teacher

“What extremely sad news this morning. As I came off Good Morning Britain, I heard of the passing of my dearest friend Len Goodman. My past teacher, a dance legend. and a true gentlemen. He was a shining star in the ballroom that everyone loved. He was funny, kind and quick-witted. He always found the best way to give couples feedback. My heart is full of memories with him. Thank you for all the years in the dance industry, for your dedication to the art of ballroom dancing, for all your advice over the years and for teaching @corkyballas and I and helping us to win so many championships. For believing in me at times when I didn’t believe in myself. I’ll hold your memory deep in my heart. My heart goes out to Len’s wife Sue, his beautiful family, and all who knew him. Love you, Len. Reace In Peace.

Len Goodman leaves behind his wife Sue Goodman, his son, James William Goodman, and his grandchildren. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Goodman family during this particularly difficult time.

Simone Biles Responds to the Criticism Over Her Wedding Hairstyle

While busy celebrating her new title as wife, Simone Biles took to Twitter to share a brief statement about some of the hate she received after sharing photos with her fans of her wedding.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Simone Biles surprised her followers over the weekend when she shared photos of her intimate wedding to her now husband, NFL player Jonathan Owens.

And while Biles looked STUNNING on their special day, several women took to the comments section of her post to criticize how Biles choose to style her hair. Some criticized her for not “laying her edges,” claiming it looked “unkempt,” BuzzFeed reports.

And others were quick to come to her defense. According to BuzzFeed, several people on Twitter, including user Cindy Noir, took to the platform to defend the legendary gymnast.

Simone Biles Shares BIG Announcement No One Saw Coming Simone Biles Shares BIG Announcement No One Saw Coming

Noir wrote, “Simone Biles is one of THEE top gymnasts we’ve ever seen, has overcame situations of abuse and other obstacles in her childhood, has defined her own success and found love and is now happily married…And y’all worried about her hair…..?!”

And Simone Biles responded.

Under her new name, Simone Biles Owens, the gymnast wrote, “I think they also forget I live in HOUSTON TEXAS & I sweat those out!! soon as we stepped outside for pics. But they can keep complaining idc idc idc.”

On April 22, the gymnast took to Instagram to share several gorgeous photos of her and Jonathan Owens’ private nuptials.

While it’s unclear when the newlyweds plan on having a bigger ceremony with their family and friends in attendance, the happy couple joined the growing trend of celebrating their love with a small intimate ceremony.

The photos showed Biles in a gorgeous white dress with her hair pulled back in a slick ponytail, while she held a gorgeous bouquet of white flowers. Owens wore a beige suit with white loafers. 

The couple looked elated to finally be husband and wife as they exchanged vows in front of a justice of the peace.

Biles and Owens first got engaged in February 2022. At the time, Biles shared a photo of the special moment, writing, “THE EASIEST YES! I can’t wait to spend forever & ever with you, you’re everything I dreamed of and more! let’s get married, FIANCÉ!”

And just one week ago, Biles hinted at their impending nuptial when she shared that she and Owens have secured their marriage license. “Almost time to say ‘I do!’”

Owens also took to Instagram to share photos of their wedding to his Instagram as well. He wrote, “My person, forever,” alongside the hashtags, “The Owens” and “It’s official.”

Owens first made an appearance on Biles’ Instagram in August 2020. It’s unclear exactly when they started dating!

But we wish them nothing but a lifetime of happiness together.

Former Disney Executive Dave Hollis’ Cause of Death Revealed

Two months after former Disney Executive Dave Hollis was discovered unconscious in his Hays County, Texas home, his cause of death has been revealed.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Hollis was 47 when he unexpectedly passed away. Now, according to an autopsy performed by the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office, it’s been revealed that Hollis had “lethal amounts of cocaine, fentanyl, and alcohol in his system when he died.”

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The autopsy also reports that Hollis had a history of drug and alcohol abuse, depression, high blood pressure, hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and “moderate to severe atherosclerosis in his heart.” The coroner continued explaining that Hollis had an enlarged heart and calcium buildup in the aorta, according to People.

Hollis’ lungs were also filled with fluid and his brain was swollen. It was founded that Hollis had an “underlying natural disease of the heart that would have predisposed it to developing an abnormal rhythm, particularly in the presence of a stimulant drug such as cocaine.”

His death has been categorized as an accident.

Hollis’ ex-wife Rachel Hollis has yet to issue a statement following the release of his autopsy report. However, at the time of Dave’s passing in February, Rachel wrote, “We are devastated. I have no words and my heart is too broken to find them. Please wrap the kids up in prayers as we try to navigate through the unthinkable.”

Rachel and Dave were married for 16 years before divorcing in 2020. They share four children together, including three sons and one daughter.

Back in March, Rachel recorded a podcast episode in order to get all of her feelings out and in the open regarding her ex-husband’s death. “I’m going to make this episode and then I’m not going to talk about this anymore.” 

She explained that her “children’s father isn’t content for other people,” calling Dave’s death “traumatic, awful, and just devastating.” Rachel continued, revealing that at the time they “still honestly don’t know what happened. I found out after the fact that he had gone to the hospital a couple of times because he was having heart problems. Whatever he died from, we’re still in the same space, which is just deep grief.”

Rachel then shared a brief update about how her children are handling the death of their father. “The kids are doing as well as they can. But that’s, you know, it’s like in these times people are like ‘How are you?’ and you’re just like ‘I’m fu***ng horrible, it’s not okay,’” she continued, adding that all four kids had different relationships with their father, but are doing as well as she could’ve hoped for. 

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