Whoopi Goldberg Randomly Asks Alyssa Farah Griffin If She’s Pregnant While Talking About Mitt Romney on ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg is no stranger to making controversial statements and asking out-of-pocket questions, but she really outdid herself with a question she directed toward Alyssa Farah Griffin on an episode of The View on Thursday (September 14). While her fellow co-hosts laughed it off, fans took exception to it.

The ladies were in the middle of a discussion about Mitt Romney, who recently announced his decision to not run for re-election after four years as a Utah Senator. They were praising him as a ‘decent guy’ and a ‘very likable guy’ who attempted to change the Republican party for the better over the past few years. 

Whoopi talked about the ‘rot’ that has existed in the Republican party. “The rot has always been there. You cannot have built the country without it. Too much has happened in the country for the rot to have not been there,” she said during her one-minute rant. It was at the end of that rant that she went on a tangent.

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Without any warning or context, Whoopi turned to co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin and asked, “Are you pregnant?” For those wondering what her being pregnant has to do with Mitt Romney, join the club – that’s what we were all thinking when she said it. Alyssa was quick with her reply: “No! Oh my God.” 

Alyssa started bursting out laughing – mostly out of shock – as the rest of the co-hosts joined in. “Why would you say that,” Joy Behar said, while Alyssa joked that she ‘can’t say that while my mother-in-law is here – who has been dying for me to get pregnant.” She then asked Whoopi if she looked pregnant. 

Whoopi then doubled down and said she did look pregnant. Another co-host asked if Whoopi saw a ‘glow’ in Alyssa – who then joked, “Please say it’s not my tummy.” Whoopi Goldberg started to explain herself and said that she just got that ‘vibe’ from her and saw a ‘glow’ in her. Unfortunately, Whoopi was wrong. 

“I’m very open to being pregnant soon. I am not blessed to be pregnant yet, but my husband and I are thinking about it,” Alyssa said. Sara Haines joked that ‘they’re working on it’ before suggesting they name their firstborn ‘Whoopi.’ Alyssa then joked that she’ll take a test when she gets home just to be sure. 

Whoopi Goldberg Receives Backlash Online

While the co-hosts of The View laughed off the out-of-pocket question and turned it into an amusing moment for those in attendance, fans online had mixed reactions – as they always do – and weren’t afraid to share their opinions. Some thought it was a rude question, while others said ‘Whoopi will be Whoopi.’ 

“This is so wrong. Whoopi is a mess. Even if she were pregnant, she would have forced her to announce with that question. She could ask during break or before the start of the show. Such a disgusting behavior,” one fan of the show wrote on X – a sentiment that dozens of fans shared on the platform. 

Another user joked that Whoopi Goldberg is at that ‘certain age’ where we ‘lose our filters’ – providing an excuse for the 67-year-old (she turns 68 in November).“I’ve blurted out things I would never have said when I was younger and gave a s**t. Whoopi gonna be Whoopi. It was a bit rude but oh well,” they said.

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At the end of the day, live television probably isn’t the best place to ask someone if they’re pregnant. We’re always taught to keep that question to ourselves because if they are pregnant, you’re putting them in an awkward position – do they hide it, do they announce it? At least Whoopi Goldberg apologized for it!

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