26-Year-Old Boston Woman Adds Credit Score to Dating Profile – Here’s How it Went

A credit score is either something you’re proud of or embarrassed over, but one thing’s for certain – the higher, the better. In general, a credit score between 670 and 739 is considered ‘good,’ a score between 740 and 799 is considered ‘very good,’ and anything above 800 (up to 850) is considered ‘excellent.’ 

Some reports suggest that 1 in 6 consumers have a credit score above 800 – making it quite an exclusive club to be a part of. And while most of those people keep their credit score to themselves, others are a little more open – and sometimes overly confident or cocky – about being a member of the ‘800 club.’ 

With that said, let’s meet Shan – a 26-year-old Boston woman who isn’t shy about her impressive credit score (a solid 804). Many would agree she falls in the ‘overly-confident category’ when it comes to her credit score, evidenced by the fact that she posted a photo of her score on her Hinge dating profile. 


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Not only that, but she posted a video that shared some of the responses she got from her mini experiment – responses that ranged from proud to jealous and, well, thirsty. “For research purposes only,” she wrote in the TikTok caption – explaining that she added her credit score to her Hinge profile in a text overlay. 

@spreadsheetshan Making this a series #bigsistertips #networking #internship #big4 #corporate #worktips #pwc ♬ original sound – Spreadsheet Shan

The responses were legendary – one user applauded it as a ‘great flex,’ someone else asked her out for drinks because it’s all he needed to see, another user gave her ‘respect’ because he had never seen anything like it before, and there was also someone so blown away by it that he asked her to marry him. 

The comments section was even more hilarious, with many people giving her suggestions for how to move forward. “They should reply with their credit score,” one user commented – warning her to ‘beware of scrubs.’ Several other users alluded to the fact that it might attract ‘broke guys’ and ‘poor people.’ 

There was also a comment that suggested someone create a dating app that matches users based on their financial compatibility – to which Shan responded, “THIS is a fantastic idea wow.” While such an app doesn’t exist yet, they might be onto something here – all they need is someone to follow through with it. 

Shan Explains Why She Displayed Her Credit Score

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Shan explained the reasoning behind her decision to share her credit score on her Hinge dating profile. She apparently wanted her profile to ‘stand out’ and had a theory – ‘a guy that would find my credit score impressive, would also be someone that prioritized his finances.’ 

She went on to explain how shocked she was at all the responses she received on TikTok – her video has been seen 1.4 million times since May 22 and received over 88,000 likes, 770 comments, and 2,557 saves. She was especially surprised at those who thought the men were trying to ‘mooch’ off her. 

“I do not totally agree with those comments. I am proud of my financial responsibilities and it is something that I’ve always prioritized,” she told BuzzFeed last week. “I started building credit at a young age and was fortunate enough to have parents who taught me of that importance so early on in my life!”

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She also shared some advice to those looking to build their credit score – get a credit card, avoid spending more than 10% of the limit, and set up automatic payments on a monthly basis. Act like your credit card is a debit card and only spend what you can afford to pay off – that’s her advice!

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