30 Woodsy Names for Boys Are Perfect for Fall Babies and Beyond

As the leaves start to change and the air fills with the crisp scent of autumn, we can’t help but feel inspired by the natural world around us. This is especially true when it comes to choosing a name for an expected bundle of joy. Parents-to-be often look to the season for inspiration, and what could be more fitting than a name that reflects the earthy, rugged beauty of the woods during this time of year?

Names inspired by nature are not only unique, but they also carry a certain charm and character that stand the test of time. From names that echo the strength of towering trees to those that capture the spirit of forest animals or the mystery of woodland lore, these monikers offer a distinct nod to the great outdoors. So if you’re expecting a little boy this fall or simply love the idea of a name that’s rooted in nature, read on for some woodsy-inspired options.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Many people don’t lump Alamo with other woodsy names, but this name for boys is absolutely one. It is of Spanish origin and means “poplar tree.” To the Celts, the poplar tree is a symbol of victory, transformation, and vision.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Rowan is a name of Irish and Scottish origin and refers to the “rowan tree” and can also mean “little redhead.” The name took off in the late 1990s, and it’s going stronger than ever today. Across the UK, the rowan tree has long been believed to ward off witchcraft and enchantment.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Perre has a casual and cool sound while also sounding just like the fruit. Perre is one of our favorite woodsy names for boys. It indeed means “pear tree” and was originated from the Normans.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Once upon a time, the name Oren was a really popular choice for baby boys. That stopped being the case in the 1950s. The gentle name is of Hebrew origin and means “laurel or pine tree.” The name is still popular in Israel today.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Ash is a name of English origin that means “ash tree.” Traditionally, the name has been given to boys, but parents today are seeing it as one of the woodsy names that also works for girls. If this is too little of a name for you, consider Ashton, which means “town of ash trees.”


Woodsy Names for Boys

Cedar is an English and French name from a Latin root that means “cedar tree.” This appellation has never been popular as a name, but we feel that it should be.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Koa is a name of Hawaiian origin that means “warrior.” The name also belongs to Koa trees that are native to the islands. Canoes and surfboards are fashioned from it. The name is fairly popular today, and it’s been on the rise, in a serious way, since 2017.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Unheard of outside of its native Hungary, Soma is a charming name that we feel could crossover in the US. The name means “dogwood tree.” Let that beautiful flowering tree be your inspiration.


Woodsy Names for Boys

One of our favorite woodsy names of all time comes from France in the form of Yves, which is pronounced exactly the same as Eve. The name means “yew wood.” Rarely heard outside of Europe, we think it’s overdue for its time in the sun in the US.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Naim is an appellation found in both Scottish and Arabic naming traditions. To the Scots, the name means “river with alder trees.” It can also mean “happy” when looking at the Arabic root. The name is modestly popular outside of the US, but we wish it would make its way here. It’s pronounced nah-eem.


Woodsy Names for Boys

One of the two Basque tree names on this list, Lizar, means “ash tree.” It’s pronounced LEE-sahr. We believe its similarity to Lisa or Liza has kept it from popularity here.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Malus is one of the Latin woodsy names to make the list. It means “crab apple tree.” The name sounds almost identical to “malice,” but we don’t think that’s a dealbreaker.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Lennox is a name that’s been trending for both boys and girls since 2010. The name is of Scottish origin and means “elm grove.” One Annie Lennox is a Scottish musician who has it as a surname.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Ivo is a name of German origin that’s been a perennial favorite in the UK for decades. It’s related to Yves and also means “yew wood.” The name can also be translated to mean “archer.” It’s never been popular in the US.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Cullen is one of the woodsy names that’s been up and down the popularity charts through the years. It is of Irish origin and means “holly tree.”


Woodsy Names for Boys

Yet another one of the Irish woodsy names, Dara, means “oak tree.” The name is also found in Persian, Punjabi, and Khmer, meaning “rich” or “noble” or “star.” Unfortunately, it’s never been a popular choice in the US.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Cypress is a great gender-neutral choice that goes to boys more often than girls. The name has long been associated with mourning and remains a favored tree for cemeteries in Europe and the Muslim world.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Chan is an accessible Cambodian name that means “sweet-smelling tree.” Most people confuse this one for a short form of Channing or Chandler, but it’s a standalone name.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Cornel names a tree, but it also is a form of Cornelius, meaning “horn.” The name landed in the US top-1000 names only one year, in 1947. We’d love to hear more of this one.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Eilon and Elon are variations of the same Hebrew name that means “oak tree.” The latter name has been growing in popularity in the US, but we prefer the more traditional spelling in Eilon.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Ewan is an Anglicized spelling of the Gaelic name Eoghann, meaning “born of the yew tree.” You can also spell this one Euan. Variations of the name are popular in the UK but have yet to take hold in the US.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Figueroa is a name of Spanish origin and one of the few woodsy names on this list that mean “fig tree.” The name is more commonly heard as a surname in the US, but we think it’s past time for it to live on as a given one.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Olivier is the French form of Oliver, and it’s very popular in Europe but not so much here. As with Oliver, the name means “olive tree.” We think it’s a great alternative to the ubiquity of Oliver.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Tamir is another one of the handsome Hebrew woodsy names to make the list. The name means “owner of many palm trees.”


Woodsy Names for Boys

An excellent gender-neutral option, Linden names a tree in the Tilla genus. Early pagans and Christians heralded the Linden as a holy tree. It was thought to aid healing and was often planted near churches. Before that, the Norse goddess Freya was associated with it.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Stockard is a name with a stiff upper lip. This amazing appellation originated in England, where its root means “tree stump.” As with many of the tree names on this list, it’s never been a popular choice.


Woodsy Names for Boys

The perfect alternative to the ever-popular Asher, Ashton, and Ash, Ashby is an English habitational name that means “farm of ash trees.” This name has never ranked in the US top 1000 names, but we expect that to change in the coming years as parents discover the virtues of this classic option.


Woodsy Names for Boys

Sylvan is one of the most stylish woodsy baby names on the list. The name is derived from Sylvanus, the Roman god of trees. In fact, the root (no pun intended) of this name means “of the forest.”


Woodsy Names for Boys

Daniel Boone’s surname is a trendy hero name for baby boys. This folk hero’s surname is English from French and means “blessing.”

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Woodsy Names for Boys

Marlow is a name of English origin that’s been really heating up for girls and boys in the US. We expect it to land in the US’s top 1000 most popular baby names in the next couple of years. The root of this name means “driftwood.”

Choosing a name is an important and exciting part of welcoming your little one into the world. Woodsy names offer a unique blend of strength, charm, and connection to the natural world that is hard to resist. So whether you’re welcoming a fall baby or simply looking for a name that will stand out in a crowd, these woodsy names for boys are sure to provide plenty of inspiration. Remember, the best name for your child is one that resonates with you, fills your heart with joy, and captures the spirit of the beautiful life you’re bringing into the world. Happy baby naming!

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